Jun 1 2009 3:13pm

Free Audiobook! Sun of Suns, by Karl Schroeder

In my inbox this morning, some cool news for audio book fans from our corporate cousins at Macmillan Audio: Starting today (yes, today!) you can download a fully unabridged and free copy of the audio for Karl Schroeder’s Sun of Suns directly from Just go here, and register for, if you’re not already a registered user.

The Sun of Suns unabridged audio book will be available for free download through, from June 1 to June 12, so get yours while they’re hot. You will have to register with the site if you aren’t already in order to download, but you won’t be required to provide any payment info or anything like that. It’s free, after all. The free download also includes a preview of the next book in the Virga series, Queen of Candesce, which is available now in print, and as an Audible download.

So go enjoy the free listen!

Declan Ryan
1. decco999
By any chance, does the e-mail state that the offer might be restricted to certain countries; possibly North American? I can't get the "free" part to work on my side of the Atlantic, I'm afraid.
Jo Walton
2. bluejo
Sun of Suns is absolutely terrific, by the way.
Michael Grosberg
3. Michael_GR
I listened to all three books in the Virga series - they are awesome. perfect mix of a classic adventure yarn and radical inventive SF.
Pablo Defendini
4. pablodefendini
@ decco999 #1

Good question. While the email didn't mention geographic limitations, I've replied to Mac Audio and asked them. I'll post any pertinent info here as soon as I get a reply.
Zachary Ricks
5. madpoet
Thanks for the heads up - the intro at Audible reminds me of Niven's Integral Trees books. I'm looking forward to hearing this!
Pablo Defendini
6. pablodefendini
Well, that was quick. According to Mac Audio, they have 'worldwide rights', so geography should not be an issue. If anyone else encounters problems, do chime in here in the comments, and I'll look into it further.
7. the_wiggle
rats. linking in after making a free account does not make the d/l free. audible insists on trying to bill for this.
Jordan Dennis
8. jddennis
I'm kind of confused. I've read Sun of Suns and really like it a lot. But there's two different versions of the audio book on the site. There's the free one which is 10 hours 46 minutes, and then there's the version you can purchase, which is 11 hours 25 minutes. Both versions are marked unabridged. Is that extra time an interview with Schroeder on the longer version?
9. Karl Schroeder
To the best of my knowledge it's the same version. I don't know why there's additional time listed for the purchasable version, but don't sweat it.

Although, it would be interesting to package the free version with everything up until the climax: "And the murderer is... Please buy the official version for the rest of this novel." Sounds like career suicide to me.
10. TheFactory
How is the author getting paid?
11. Karl Schroeder
@the_wiggle Have you tried both download pages on the site? Sun of Suns actually has two pages, one of which is the free version, the other the paid (probably because the free page will expire, so permalinks can still be aimed at the other one).
12. Karl Schroeder
--Oops! About that difference in length between the two versions: I'm informed that the free version has an additional promo trailer for Queen of Candesce on it. Hence the difference in timing.
13. Morgase
Same geography problem in Ireland, the site tells me to go to the site which lists Sun of Suns: Book One of Virga - Free Version (Unabridged) as £7.99.
Stef Maruch
14. firecat
Karl@12: Except it's the free version that's shorter.
Declan Ryan
15. decco999
Pablo @6: Still no luck. Site automatically redirects to Search under "Karl Schroeder" and you find "Sun of Suns: Book One of Virga - Free Version". You might think you're there, but cost is still: £9.59 non-member, £7.99 member.
Pablo Defendini
16. pablodefendini
@decco999 #15
Man, that sucks. As someone who grew up outside of the U.S., I can relate to the massive fail of geographical limitations on media. The powers that be over at Mac Audio decided to check again with Audible, but I haven't heard anything back yet. Again, I'll post here if I learn anything new.
David Yaffe
17. dyaffe
FWIW, my Canadian audible account worked perfectly.

Thanks for the freebie! Any chance we'll see more free audiobooks?
Jordan Dennis
18. jddennis
@Karl Schroeder -- Thanks for looking into that and responding! Like I said, I've really enjoyed Sun of Suns. It's going to be a treat to listen to it in audio.
19. Emily at Audible
Many apologies to those of you in England who were not able to download this title. It is now available for free on Also, the free download now includes a trailer of Book 2, Queen of Candesce.
Scott Sherris
20. ssherris
Sun of Suns is a great story - I read it in serial form in Analog magazine.

But trying to download the audiobook from Audible... well I just learned that I have no desire ever to use that site again. What a horrible waste of time. And who needs to deal with all that DRM for a free book anyway?
Declan Ryan
21. decco999
Emily @19: thank you & Pablo for fixing the problem - moreso for the fans here in Ireland. The download via was successful. I'm looking forward to 11 entertaining hours.

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