May 19 2009 12:15pm

The Living Room Also Has Its Own Uses For Things

William Gibson once wrote “The street finds its own uses for things,” and that’s always been the essence of cyberpunk for me. Well, the revolution has moved indoors, with Roomba art.

A couple of samples, with more at the link:

(Roomba Painting 2, by Flickr user reconscious)

(Pretty in Pink, also by reconscious)

The dance of robots is an old theme in sf. Examples that came immediately to my mind include Alfred Bester’s “Fondly Fahrenheit” and Gregory Benford’s “Me/Days.” But it’s often, maybe even usually, been a threatening manifestation of machines going bad. And of course there are real-world efforts in a tradition that includes Survival Research Labs (caution: may arouse those who have too much fun with explosions). This is one of the most purely cute and beautiful implementations I’ve yet seen.

Robert Daeley
1. Celsius1414
What a great find, thanks. I love it when people put art and technology together like chocolate and peanut butter -- good separately, but oh so good combined.
lanyo lanyo
2. lanyo
things like this make me
1- amazed at the ingenuity of others
2- stupefied at how banal my own thought processes are going
Bruce Baugh
4. BruceB
I hear ya, lanyo. I take it as a goad. :)

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