May 1 2009 1:28pm

The Hunt for Gollum fan film

To prove I’m clueless, it took an All Things Considered article on The Hunt for Gollum and its legal implications to clue me in on this amazingly good-looking 40 minute movie “by fans for fans.” I really hope the storytelling is good, but even just the trailer has me so full of creative goodwill, it makes me want to sit down and make some kick-ass fantasy covers. The Hunt for Gollum premieres Sunday May 3rd, free on the interwebs.

Trailer 2 - The Hunt For Gollum [2]
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1. dcole78
yeah...that looks like it would be a copyright nightmare as well as a nightmare on the actual story as Gandalf didn't figure out the gollum knew where the ring was until he new Bilbo all ready had it...some fans these people are.
Agnes Kormendi
2. tapsi
Thank you for the link, I've just watched the film, and I think it's lovely... All the love and energy these people put into their work simply shines. Apparently the same crew is filming an hour long movie about Aragorn's parents and childhood, "Born of Hope", which looks promising, too.

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