May 17 2009 12:00pm

Terrible Yellow Eyes, a Wild Things tribute site

Terrible Yelow Eyes

Cory Godbey has started Terrible Yellow Eyes, a Where the Wild Things Are tribute site. Each Friday he will post an image inspired by the best book ever written and drawn. Along with his own work he will displaying contributions from invited guests. They’ve got colossal shoes to fill but so far it seems to have just the right amount of heart. I’m looking forward to following along each week.

Seen here: Cory Godbey and Pascal Champion

Bridget McGovern
1. BMcGovern
This is truly fantastic. Sometimes I wish my whole life could be one big tribute to Where the Wild Things Are :)
Patrick Garson
2. patrickg
Oooooo, this is great!!!

The thing I really love about Where The Wild Things Are - and it's something I love about Miyazaki's films also - is that it highlights the fundamental unknowingness that goes with childhood.

Things that perhaps should be scary or evil are revealed not neccesarily to be; appearances aren't deceiving per se, they are simply complex. Also it taps into the notion of value being a voluntary choice. Max doesn't have to go home, he is not in danger or in any way forced to, but he chooses to go home because he misses his family.

I think for a child the idea of being a free agent like this - of choosing to love and miss your family (or anything), rather than feeling bound or dominated/controlled by feelings is a powerful and very self-validating one.

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