May 18 2009 12:29pm

Terminator terminated by FOX

After weeks of speculation, it’s official: Fox has cancelled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

And I’m pissed about it. The second season was a bit uneven (i.e. the Search for The Three Dots; Riley) but I always admired the show’s ability to tell interesting standalone episodes, especially earlier in the year. I thought a big chunk of ratings fell when Fox moved the show from Mondays to Fridays. I had hoped the network was waiting for McG’s upcoming movie to reinvigorate the franchise again. But, the network is Fox, after all. Destroyer of so many good TV shows. Yet keeper of Dollhouse. (To be fair, I have yet to watch the last four episodes. I needed a break from the rapey badness and Eliza Dushku’s terrible wide-eyed innocent Echo act, okay?) If I sound a bit bitter, I am.

Sarah Connor Chronicles had such a solid cast, especially Summer Glau, Lena Headey, and the fantastic Brian Austin Green. The shades of gray surrounding Catherine Weaver and John Henry were deepening. And what a finale! John Connor separated from his mother, in a post-Judgment Day world, where John Connor, the future leader of mankind’s resistance against the machines, had yet to exist. I’m sure the cast will reappear in great projects, but I really hope we get a third season in comic-form. Something for the fans. 

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Now if they could only get the second season on DVD so I can at least watch that and catch up. I was a latecomer to the show, but bought the first season on DVD after strong recommendations, and now I'm all angry since the second season is off hulu but not on disk yet.

Gar... angry R.Fife is angry.
Pablo Defendini
2. pablodefendini
It *is* a damned shame, but to be expected of Fox, I suppose. However, if it's any consolation, I'd have to say that the series finale was very satisfying.
Theresa DeLucci
3. theresa_delucci
It *was* satisfying and I watched it knowing it could be a series finale, too. I think it touched on some of the greater themes of the show as a whole (namely Sarah's sacrifice to raise a leader, in any timeline.)

But, still. Damn. Crappy news for a Monday morning!
Ian Tregillis
5. ITregillis
Rats. This is a bummer for a Monday morning. Not unexpected, but still too bad.

I did find the second season rather uneven in places, but overall the show seemed to be finding its legs again.
James Goetsch
6. Jedikalos
And just when John Connor had begun to move beyond the whiney "It isn't fair I wanted to go into Toschi station" phase of his hero's journey. It was really getting good: aaaarghhhh. On the positive side, since Battlestar's wretched ending, which ruined the whole series for me, I have become more thankful for small fragments of things that didn't hang around and turn into a pile of steaming you know what in the last half of its finale.
James Goetsch
7. Jedikalos
Fantasy revenge scenario against FOX: SyFy picks it up and in conjunction with the movie release it becomes a giant smash hit. *Dreaming*
John Fitzingo
8. Xandar01
@7. Jedikalos

I am dreaming with you. I doubt fox would sell it for a reasonable price, and SyFy is getting more fantasy/paranormal all the time. Where have all the good scifi shows gone... :(
Doug Clanton
9. justgroovy
Focs sux! Fox only has only their programming team to blame for the failure of SCC. The move from Monday to Friday was a killer. I don't even know why I both starting to watch a scifi series on Fox because I know once it gets going they will move it to Friday nights and give up on it after one season. I agree with Xandar01...where are all the good scifi shows? Nothing in the hard scifi is on the horizon. It is all watered down scifi/fantasy/social commentary shows.

We need some evil aliens, some exotic locations, and some heroic but flawed mercenaries chasing a dream and/or revenge.
Arachne Jericho
10. arachnejericho
This kinda blew my mind.

Reilly said that for him it was never a choice between "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," which was canceled, and "Dollhouse."

Link to LA Times article

At first I interpreted this as "no contest between Dollhouse and Terminator: Dollhouse wins hands down".

But I just realized it could be more of a "Well I didn't really make a choice, it just happened that way, don't blame me."

Hang on. That's still dumb.

Amir Yoeli
11. Betterthenyouknew

Terminator got canceled?
Well, it was in the wind since last season, and Fox being Fox, I can't say I'm surprised, much.

But I also agree that we need some new scifi shows to come out.
I loved BSG, and SG, but am apprehensive about Caprica? I mean won't be just a futuristic fiction show, with the only element makin it into a scifi show being that's it's not set on earth, but instead, on a clone-ish world very much like earth?
I'll give it a try, but my hopes are not up high.
I am looking forward to SG Universe though, but even there, I have questions...

Anyway, to round this little rant off... Terminator being Terminated is a sad scenario...

I look forward to seeing Summer Glau at least in something new and Scifi-ish.
Pablo Defendini
12. pablodefendini
@ Betterthenyouknew 11

Actually, having been massively disappointed in the BSG finale, I was very skeptical about Caprica. Having watched the pilot, though, I'm willing to give it a shot. It looks like just the type of hard SF fare that you're looking for.
Tara Chang
13. tlchang
This makes me sad, although not surprised - was hoping against hope...

I hope for some more SF shows for Bear McCreary to continue to score as well! He so totally blows my mind musically and was one of the best parts of BSG and TSCC for me.
Theresa DeLucci
14. theresa_delucci

I agree. I love Bear McCreary! I'll buy the BSG fourth season soundtrack even though I won't buy the actual fourth season DVDs.

I need to catch up on Dollhouse at some point. But to pick it over SCC seems so arbitrary. I've been trying to keep an open mind, let the show find its footing a bit, and I watched episode 6 because people kept telling me that's when it got good. And that was a good episode. But then it was followed with one of the dumbest episodes yet (Echo rides a bike in thigh highs and heels and we find out pre-Dollhouse she loved fluffy animals and her boyfriend. Hurr.) I can't believe it's a Joss Whedon show. But eventually I'll forge through because I heard of a Firefly alum guest spot.

But, frak. Never getting to see John Henry play with his Bionicles again makes me sad. (Why does that sound so dirty?)
15. DorieBernstein
I too am not surprised it got cancelled. There seems to be a solid pattern of screwing with the schedules of good shows then canning them entirely. Wouldn't it be nice if Fox would, I don't know, break out of that mold?

At least the season finale could make sense as a series finale as well. But dang, I was just getting into the whole thing with Weaver and John Henry!
- -
17. heresiarch
Jedikalos @ 6: "And just when John Connor had begun to move beyond the whiney "It isn't fair I wanted to go into Toschi station" phase of his hero's journey."

Oh, well put! I'm also disappointed that the show is getting cancelled just as the characters start to break out of their initial stereotypes. I really wanted to see Cameron go crazy and kill John/declare her undying love! And watching John struggle against his mother's influence was only getting more and more interesting.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much, since I actually like Dollhouse. That comfort is left to me.
Samantha Brandt
18. Talia
I was sorry to hear this. I kinda stopped watching the show after it made the dreadful Monday to Friday leap. What the hell is it with fox anyway? Do they purposefully move all the sci fi shows to Friday in a deliberate effort to kill them or something?

I too am enjoying 'Dollhouse' and am glad of its return, so there's that.
19. Anna Lawrence
How very immature. Simply because one show's been cancelled, there's no need to slag off another. If you can't appreciate 'Dollhouse', then I'm afraid I don't have a very high opinion of your critical faculties.
Theresa DeLucci
20. theresa_delucci

I said I was bitter. But, more than that, if it was truly an arbitrary decision between the two shows, it is well within my critical faculties to suggest that Fox made an unfortunate decision in keeping Dollhouse because it is cheaper and has more vocal fans instead of keeping Terminator. And a bit disturbing that Fox would keep the show about high-priced call girls (and men, I assume, though how often do we see the mall dolls forced into prostitution, er, I mean whatever it is these people signed up/"asked for"?)

I normally love Joss Whedon, but I find Dollhouse offensive on many levels. Maybe something got lost in translation from Joss' brain to Fox's airwaves, but the interesting themes are lost under the bad, creepy story elements. For me.

But, hey, Chuck is still around. And True Blood's starting up again.

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