May 23 2009 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Hello” and “Who’s Hungry?”

Hello + Who’s Hungry?

Hello: Apologies for the commercial up front but, this was too great to pass up. The same ol’ story: Boom Box falls for cute CD Player. Gramophone offers sage advice. Shy and sweet. (6:30 minutes)

Who’s Hungry?: I’d say it’s a demented Hansel and Gretel story, but Hansel and Gretel is pretty demented to start with. At any rate, this is not for kids...or the squeamish. Via Cartoon Brew, who also have an audience reaction video up. (5 minutes.)

Jonathan Nix

Who’s Hungry?
David Ochs

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Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Loved the first, and I guess I lucked out and got the commercial at the end. I especially loved the credits where the old gramophone is breaking the country gold tape all papal-signet ring style.

So, what's the opposite of a unicorn chaser? And while I already looked at ice-cream trucks with a fair amount of distrust (especially the old conversion van ones), now I'll look at them with even more. Yikes.
Sunil Sebastian
2. Sunil Sebastian
Both of them were brilliant and I'm only a little bit of a geek for watching the first one and thinking, "See? Fair use is important!!"
Patrick Garson
3. patrickg
Ah Hello! I must have seen that film 100 times at least, it was on high rotation at one of my old jobs at the Australian Centre For the Moving Image. Good times. :)

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