May 16 2009 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “La Femme Papillon” and “le Cadeau du Temps”

le Femme Papillon and Le Cadeau du Temps

La Femme Papillon: An admirer attempts to liberate the marionette of his desires. Beautifully designed, it sets a claustrophobic but lush world.

Le Cadeau du Temps: When is it time to share and when is it time to quit?

La Femme Papillon
Virginie Bourdin

le Cadeau du Temps
Cory Godbey

Le Cadeau du Temps from Cory Godbey on Vimeo.


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Mary Robinette Kowal
1. MaryRobinette
I think La Femme Papillon is a good example of how knowing too much can mar an otherwise fine film.

The marionette whose strings are cut only to become lifeless is a pretty common trope in puppetry. Because I know how marionettes work this story had a completely different meaning for awhile. Since the characters were all moving in ways that a string puppet can't, I thought they had their own volition, until the little bird man cut the butterflies strings and she became lifeless. Then I was sad because it was just the same old story again.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Hi Mary,

Funny -- I actually put off showing it for a while because it's clear where it's going....but even so the design and atmosphere made me enjoy watching it a few times so I included it. But thanks for your discerning eye and insider thoughts -- keeping things honest. ;-)

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