May 30 2009 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Fallen Art” and “Goodbye Canine”

Fallen Art and Canine Goodbye

Fallen Art: This is brilliant, albeit difficult to watch. An interview with the filmmaker, including concept drawings, is on CG Society. (5.45 minutes)

Goodbye Canine: And now to lighten things up a bit, a fun adventure story. Apparently in France the tooth fairy is a mouse. (5 minutes)

Fallen Art
Tomek Baginski

Goodbye Canine
Lallement Simon, Fatien Grégory, VandenBroecke David

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1. lupercus
in latin america (and i'm not sure whether the tradition comes directly from spain) it is also a mouse: el ratón pérez. there's an animated argentinian film about it.
2. sk8r
for anyone who enjoyed fallen art, be sure to check out tomek's other work.
Adam Callaway
3. Weirdside
Fallen Art was marvelous with the excellent dichotomy of the dark subject matter and the light-heartedly production. It was unique and creative, but did anyone else notice how creators of short films always make-up elaborate backstories that usually don't impact the film at all?
The Cathedral is equally as brilliant, although that one is much more artsy, and the technology does look somewhat dated.

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