May 1 2009 2:37pm

Hey Kids! Comics!

Tra la la boom di ay, it’s Free Comics Day!

On the first Saturday of every May (not the be confused with May Day or First of May), the comic book publishers team up with Diamond Comic Distributors and comic book shops around the nation to provide free comics. Or let my friend Hugh describe it (as well as promote his indie-comics movie, opening today):

The official Ten Guidelines for Attending Free Comic Book Day are:

1. Go to your favorite local comic book shop. Don’t settle for the closest one, go to the one you enjoy patronizing the most. They will almost certainly provide the best experience.

2. Bring a friend! Make a day of it. Bonus points if it’s someone new to comics. Double plus good if it’s your kids!

3. Go early. Most shops underestimate how many comics they actually need, and lines tend to form. Getting there when the stores open is not unheard of.

4. Go in costume. Break out that ill-fitting Spider-Man outfit from San Diego 2002 and squeeze back into the tights!

5. Loudly spoil the events of Legion of Three Worlds #4 while waiting in line.

6. After getting your free comics, take the time to browse the rest of the store. Many stores have sales in addition to the comics being given away, and you might find something else that catches your interest.

7. Read all of the comics! Yes, 99% of the comics are entirely promotional, and most of them will also be... of less than stellar quality. But some will be superb (last year, DC Comics gave away first issues of All-Star Superman, one of the best comics of the last decade), and you will never have a better opportunity to sample the breadth and scope of the field of comics.

8. If you find something you like, share it with others. Free comics are not meant to be bagged and boarded. They’re meant to be passed around like swine flu.

9. If you find something you really like, head back next week and pick up a couple issues or a trade paperback. Take this as an opportunity to expand your horizons!

10. ... I just though 10 was a good round number.

So have fun, bring your buddies, and I’ll see you there!

Melissa Ann Singer
1. masinger
I just wanna say that Hugh Jackman's smile just stops me in my tracks every single damn time.
Joshua Starr
2. JStarr
Which comics store do you recommend? Somehow I bet Forbidden Planet will be both a) mobbed, and b) maybe not quite as cool as some other places.

I know Jim Hanley's Universe is pretty neat in general. There's also St. Mark's Comics. But I'm interested in a more learned opinion as well.
Steven Padnick
3. padnick
I went to Forbidden Planet last year fairly early in the morning, and it was neither mobbed nor particularly uncool, but really go to the store you like best!
Torie Atkinson
4. Torie
@ 2

Don't do Jim Hanley's--they make you pick like four, whereas Forbidden Planet will give you them all.
Nina Lourie
6. supertailz
What about Midtown? (A couple years ago the one on the east side gave me them all)
7. hobo
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