May 9 2009 3:16pm

Dracula by the Day

This is great. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an epistolary novel, every letter and diary entry given a  date. (And Stoker did a lot of calendar work to make sure it all fit.) Whitney Sorrow is posting the whole novel blog-style, with the entries dated a particular day posted that day. The first entry is for May 3rd, so you don’t have much catching up to do yet; the last one will be November 6th.

There is an RSS feed for it, and this seems to me like one of the best uses since Pepys’ Diaries for the technology.

Special thanks to Alejandro Melchor for tipping me off to this. Having informed friends is like having a bigger brain yourself!

[Photo by Flickr user Barnaby Dorfman, used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.]

Georgiana Lee
1. Georgiana
This is a great idea but it's been done before. I wrote about it back in 2005.
Bruce Baugh
2. BruceB
Cool! I'm happy to know about the precedent, and have added it to my file of "neat things done with text".
Luke M
3. lmelior
If anybody's interested, I'm actually in the process of listening to the librivox audiobook of this novel. About halfway through now. The readers are kind of hit and miss on these things - one chapter that is mostly Lucy's diary is read in a very deep-voiced monotone, which at times I swore was some text-to-speech robot voice, and another reads very slowly and wistfully, to my great annoyance - but they are all easy to understand.
Bruce Baugh
4. BruceB
Good to know too.

There's a great two-reader audiobook version from...Blackstone, I think. The man does all the male parts, the woman all the female ones, with a lot of attention to the distinct personas and accents. Really a pleasure to listen to.
Georgiana Lee
5. Georgiana
Bruce - thanks for posting this. I looked up the one I mentioned above and the blogger had posted links to several other projects that sound very interesting; a WWI soldier's letters, a naturalist's diary 1768 - 1793 and Darwin's Beagle diary. I wouldn't have known about them if you hadn't sent me poking around.

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