May 6 2009 6:55pm

Book Midnight Shows Now: A Comic-Book Movie News Roundup

It’s pretty obvious that comic book movies are enjoying a golden age, and as long as there are enough stuntmen to handle them all, the projects just keep on coming. Movie studios weren’t waiting for the grass to grow under Wolverine’s feet before they got engines rolling on sequels and spinoffs, and several other long-standing “in the works” projects with second-tier heroes are moving forward at speed. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman polishes her golden lasso, learns German, files her nails, and alphabetizes her receipts.

A quick roundup of the new and notable:

- To no one’s surprise, the Wolverine sequel was greenlit about two hours after the movie premiere. It will focus on the samurai period of Wolverine’s life. While waiting for Gambit to check his staff in at the airport and meet up with Logan, look for pointless cameos from a dozen other Marvel characters you only vaguely care about. Meanwhile, I will grumble forever that they only use this plotline after retconning Rogue back to grade school and totally blowing her X-Men trial by fire subplot. Good luck finding a second sidekick, pal!

- Especially since Deadpool got his own spinoff approved, so he won’t be playing fourth fiddle to your Canuck sideburns no-how. Boycotter engines are already revving, just in case.

- Not famous enough to snap up any of the A-list stable of heroes, Bradley Cooper is instead being considered for the Green Lantern. Moviegoers everywhere nod politely, try to remember where they’ve seen him.

- And apparently it was not, as I thought, an elaborate prank to distract Kenneth Branagh from making another Shakespeare adaptation: they’re really making the Thor movie! Branagh gives fanboys the world over a coronary by suggesting British actor Tom Hiddleston might be a contender for the role.

- And the Wonder Woman movie has been greenlit at last! Wait, no, sorry; I forgot women don’t get their own comic book movies. Look, we’re giving you Gwyneth Paltrow in a corset, okay? I mean, that’s practically a character arc! What more do you want?

These movies join the slew of comic-book adaptations already in production. I’d say more about the fact that the only female-helmed comic book movie this year is the Barbarella remake (sweet heavens deliver us), but I’m waiting in dread for the announcement that Marvel Divas has been greenlit for a Lifetime Channel miniseries. (Come on, you just know it’s coming.)

Dave Thompson
1. DKT
I hope hope hope they can treat the Wolverine sequel with more respect than (I heard) they did the Weapon X story. (Still haven't seen it, but undoubtedly I will.) Hugh Jackman was so good in the first two X-movies. *Sigh*

On the bright side, I heard Robert Rodriguez isn't doing Barbarella afterall...
Richard Fife
2. R.Fife
Wow... I shoulda sat longer for at the end of Wolverine. I only saw the first easter-egg ending where the MPs pick up Stryker. D'oh.

Marvel Divas would be a great Lifetime Series. They are out weekly helping paranoid mothers recover their stolen in-utero babies from evil baby-grubbing men and psycho jealous ex-best friends! That's pure gold!
Eugene Myers
3. ecmyers
Bradley Cooper is great! But that might change when he's wearing green tights.
Troy Lissoway
4. Troylis
Don't worry, Genevieve—the plot with Rogue happened after Logan's first published Japan adventure—the Wolverine mini with art by Frank Miller. In any case, it sounds like the movie will be sort of a prequel/bastardization of that series. Still plenty of room for an "X-Men:Meanwhile, Back in Continuity:Wolverine and Rogue" sequel.
Richard Fife
5. R.Fife
Oh, to the "Origins f'd the story up," I'll preface that I actually don't know the Weapon-X story. My nerd-cred isn't that good, but I actually loved the movie for the sake of the movie. It had a nice mixture of action, plot-twists, and humorous interlude. In and of itself as a story, I found it enjoyable. My only complain was that the cast was kinda huge with all the hats-off cameos to super-heros and semi-villains, and even Gambit's role was pretty mute. Regardless, it still had a nice progression of a plot, and the focus on Logan, Creed, and Stryker mad it decently easy to follow.
6. EmmetAOBrien
What's new news about Barbarella then, and is this the Drew Barrymore remake or the Robert Rodriguez remake ?
Joe Sherry
7. jsherry
I still think that, at least visually, Charisma Carpenter would make a great Wonder Woman.

But, I guess that was back when it looked like Joss Whedon was going to be at the helm.

Assuming that there is actually something to have a helm.

Or a paddle.
8. SWS
I keep writing a Wonder Woman movie in my head - where Steve works for a Blackwater-like mercenary firm, and Diana ends up in the middle east looking for him, having to deal with her semi-divine heritage and love of a good fight thanks to dad being Mars, some ultimate what-is-good-and-what-is-evil type character development. The kind of thing that will never get made, thanks to guys (and the influential fanboy contingent) never getting past her cleavage in the armor.

Old SAT question: as Robert Downey Jr is to Ironman, blank is to Wonder Woman?
Dan Sparks
9. RedHanded

Cordelia would definitely make a great Wonder Woman visually for sure. She's got the hair for it. At least in Buffy she did.
Dayle McClintock
10. trinityvixen
Personally, I think the slim pickings of comic book heroines worth making movies about would be better served by not making movies about them. If all we get from representing female comic books characters on the screen is a slew of Catwomans, I think we can all agree we'd be better off without.

Suppose they did to Zatanna what they did to John Constantine? (Was there even any MAGIC in that goddamned movie?) Or what if, in an effort to be "true to the source material," they kept in the rather...unsettling tendency Diana had to be vulnerable to being, um, tied up?
11. Brian2
When I finally did recall who Bradley Cooper was, it turned out that he'd been on Alias, playing a character named Will Tippin. Remember the whiny yuppie reporter who you always hoped would get swatted and go to Odious Comic Relief Hell? Remember how at one point he was captured and tortured and even shot and still didn't go away? It was then that I realized that Alias might give you a little of what you wanted, but only to make it worse when it snatched the rest away, and stopped watching it.

Needless to say, that's not said against Bradley Cooper himself, just the character. Nobody could have played Will Tippin without being intensely annoying. Still ...
12. Lenny Bailes
The best comic book movies are animated comic book movies (particularly when Bruce Timm is involved in production).

This post was a wakeup call to me that the animated
"Wonder Woman" has now been released:

See also:

The Wonder Woman comic books written
by Gail Simone that feature Diana
crashing the set of a schlock Hollywood
WW movie (the movie being produced by WW's arch-nemesis,
"The Queen of Fables:)"

Justice League: The New Frontier

Batman: Gotham Knight

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