May 7 2009 4:46pm

Another free download from Jeffrey A. Carver

In my inbox today, a note from Jeffrey A. Carver, letting me know that ebook versions of his Nebula-nominated novel, Eternity’s End, is available for free download along with many of his other books. From his blog:

Eternity’s End is my Nebula-nominated novel about a star rigger named Legroeder who sets out in search of the lost ship Impris, Flying Dutchman of the stars. And along the way, encounters interstellar pirates and some deep-cyber romance. This book is free range, free running, cage free, up on the web for you to download for free! That’s in multi-format, DRM-free ebook format. Come catch one and take it home with you. And check out the other free ebooks while you're at it.

Paypal donations are warmly welcomed, as always—but only if you want to, and only if you think it’s worth it.

Come check it out. Trust me, you'll like it.

Jeff has long been a free ebook proponent—he’s found that the exposure increases his sales and gets his work out to people who would otherwise not have discovered it (people like me!).

Brian Wq
1. Brian Wq
Check your links please.
Luke M
3. lmelior
Mr. Carver's Battlestar Galactica miniseries novelization (which I got from the free ebook promotion, by the way) is actually what got me started watching the series. I've never read a movie novelization before - only the other way 'round - but it was quite good. He has a great attitude regarding ebooks, especially considering that anybody can just go to the library and read any number of books for free. A couple of his books are now on my list.

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