Apr 22 2009 7:03pm

Recap of JordanCon (AKA: Adventures at Rand Al’Con)

Jordan Con
The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the First Age by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a man drove on the coast of North Carolina. The man was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But he was a beginning.

The man drove inland, away from the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean and into South Carolina. He exited onto I-20, and coursed his path into Georgia, past Augusta and numerous orange traffick cones, until he came at last to Atlanta. An early summer heat was on the land, and the merciless sun beat down on steel and pavement alike. The man turned before entering the city, and found his way to the Embassy Suites in Alpharetta. He found his way to JordanCon.

Day 1: Friday

I arrived around noon, picked up my badge, but alas not a room key because my room wasn’t ready yet. So, I went over to the restaurant and drank a soda while writing a bit on my laptop. I then happened to glance over and see Tom Doherty and Harriet Jordan themselves, sitting at a table and working on something. I respectfully kept my distance, but it was a wonderful indicator of things to come.

At one o’clock, we had the opening ceremony. Jason from Dragonmount created a funny, 40 page stage-skit that “recapped” all 11 books and introduced the Con. The actors were the Con guests, community leaders and some people from Tor, and... Yours Truly. There was a joke of Matt from Theoryland refusing to play Mat, so they needed a volunteer, and it got to be me. And I was truly a volunteer--my script cued me as “Volunteer Mat”, and I had not seen it until Jason handed it to me. Getting to be on stage with everyone else was the next great indicator of the weekend. I know there is at least one recording of the ceremony, and I hope to find it soon just so that I can see what it was like from somewhere besides stage left. (and so anyone who missed the live feed or wasn’t there can see it too).

After the opening ceremony, I worked three hours at registration, taking a bullet for the Con and missing the Harriet and Wilson panel and the “Big White Book-Worlds beyond the Westlands” panel. I did get to go to the sword forms workshop, though, which was fun. Jimmy from Age of Legends as done very well at recreating the sword forms, and supposedly Robert Jordan had said he did them right.

I went to dinner at Chick-Fil-A with a whole bunch of con-goers, where we confused many people with discussion of Asmodeon, TAR, Taim, and other fantasy series. We then went back, and I became one of the dealers for the Seanchan (Texas) Hold Em tournament. Proceeds went to the Mayo clinic (I believe) and the prize was a signed, limited edition, leather bound, mint copy of Knife of Dreams.

Now, the funny thing here is: I’ve never dealt or played or even watched Texas Hold Em. I volunteered to be a dealer just to help out and because I was gaishan to the Con. Frickin’ got touched while I was holding a butterknife, and I had to lessen my toh. Anyway, so I get a crash course in how to deal and start the tourney, and somehow, I ended up dealing the last table. Was great fun all told, though, and congrats to Matt from Theoryland (the same one that refused to be Mat) on winning.

After that, I had drinks with some other random con-goers and crashed around one AM.

Day 2: Saturday

I wake up at six AM (don’t ask why, I just did, no alarm), and get ready for the day. I then go down and eat breakfast with Jimmy, our blademaster and con security. From him, I learn that Tom Doherty is giving an interview for the Robert Jordan Documentary soon, and I weasel myself a spot in the room (only non-documentary staff in there) and take a listen. It was a wonderful interview, even with the falling light fixture, and I can say that when it comes out, it will be well worth the watch. I’m all the more glad to have seen this since I missed the pre-screening of other parts of the documentary later in the day.

So, after this I go and attend the Sanderson workshop on writing, where he had to fit into two one-hour sessions the fourteen week class he teaches at BYU. He did a good job of the summary, though, and gave some insight into the writing of A Memory of Light as well. I’ll get into that a bit later.

I run up and snag a fiber-one bar for lunch, then head back down at one o’clock and watch the Belly-dancing demo/class. Mmm, belly-dancers. It gives a really good idea of the Tiganza–poor Perrin.

Soon as that was done, it was time to “work” again. I was the gopher for the Rampant Theories Panel, which had Leigh, Matt from TheoryLand, Jakob Remick of theory panels at DragonCon (ack, didn’t catch which fan community he is on the most), and Bao Pham (see my description for Jakob). I commend all four on their handling of the frothing-at-the-mouth masses and keeping the discussion focused but at the same time broad. I will also note a big big big thing that was revealed by Tom Doherty, who was sitting in the crowd.

BIGGIE! The Seanchan will not be wrapped up by Tarmon Gaidon, and the three “outrigger” novels Robert Jordan wanted to do would be Mat and Tuon going back over to Seanchan and tying that up. And, before you ask, no one has even thought about whether or not Brandon will write those as well, along with Harriet, but in the Team Jordan Panel, it was said that they haven’t ruled it out, either. Tom did say he has the contract for these novels already and intends on seeing them safely to our hands.

So, next panel was Team Jordan, which I also gophered. Alan and Maria, RJ’s assistants, Wilson, Harriet, Brandon, and Tom all offered us some good logic and reasoning behind the split, what to expect in the writing, and told us that while they would not mind seeing the prologue e-pub’d over at Simon & Schuster, the agent is currently in England, and any exact details will have to wait. The reasons for the split are much as one might expect: the whole of A Memory of Light is starting to look more like it might be 900k words, so three 300k books just made more sense.

Also, Harriet promised us (to many applause) that we will not get just one very satisfying climax in Gathering Storm, but TWO! The whole A Memory of Light has 6 total, and they have organized the material and action to give us two in each book. To this effect, though, do not expect to see absolutely everyone. They had to save some stuff for book 2 and 3, so if the character/plot you are wanting the most isn’t in book 12, it likely will be in book 13. More on exactly why later.

After this wonderful panel, we had an amazing treat. As many of us know, before Robert Jordan died, he spent one evening and the better part of the next day telling his close family/friends exactly how AMoL goes, and they captured it on tape. Alan, being the computer whiz he is, cleaned up the first 17 minutes of audio, and we got to listen to it. Aside from Robert Jordan’s preamble that he would be talking mostly out of order as things came to him, he said “but I will start with the prologue.” We then were treated to the Great Bard himself telling us the first scene of Gathering Storm.

Now, I know exactly what people are hoping for here, and I am going to say: no. Aside from the fact that no recording devices were allowed in the room for legal reasons, I know that I myself could not do justice to what I heard. It would be a cruel parody and fall short. I trust Brandon will have translated the scene description we heard into wonderful prose, but what we heard was exactly that, a description of action and scene, not the text we will all see soon enough, and that should only ever be in Robert Jordan’s voice. So, sorry guys and gals, you had to be there.

But, I will tell you this: our reaction. When it was finished, the room gave a standing ovation. This, of course, was expected and not spectacular from us. What was, though, was that when the clapping stopped, we all sat down, and dead silence filled the room, even though we knew the reading/panel was done, and even still after Harriet and Alan said “that’s it.” We did not know what to do with ourselves, our brains were churning and wheeling and grinding over what we heard, and many people left with tears in their eyes. I still get goose-bumps just thinking and writing about it.

So, after we finally forced ourselves up, I had the wonderful and great treat of striking up conversation with Alan, a kindred computer wrangler. We then went to the bar (gratefully of the OPEN variety) and had drinks, and additionally were joined by Wilson. That was in general a wonderful conversation that covered many many many things, from all topics in life and WoT. I will tell you one thing though. What eventually came from the discussion and later into “the know”, we have deduced and decided the proper way for Asha’man pins to be worn. The sword is on the left collar, with the blade pointed towards your chin (and thus the curve of the blade opening up.) The dragon is on the right collar, facing your chin as well.

OK, so after our drinks, I changed into my poor-man’s Asha’man outfit (with pins, imagine that) and went back down for dinner, where I somehow ended up eating dinner with three of the Tor staffers that were at the con, including our own favorite Cylon, Pablo. Great fun.

Next was the “Cairhien Ball”, where The Lost Boys performed a wonderful set of music, and I even danced with Harriet. Eat your hearts out. The winners were announced for the Tuckerization auction and raffle, both of whom were not present and I cannot recall the names (the sound-system for the announcement mic was kind of bad anyway.) A costume contest was held, with many many wonderful costumes, from Aes Sedai to Asha’man to Faile to the High Inquisitor to one of Elayne’s personal royal guards.

So, after that, we had the Big City Burlesque show give us an, um, interesting? Yes, that’s the word, interesting, and entertaining!, interpretation of Valan Luca’s Show. It was great fun.

After that, ROOM PARTIES! Yes, we all were up quite late, and, I must tell you all, I am now a member of the Plaid Ajah. It is a secret organization led by our beloved Plaidmyrlin, and it has only two rules.

1) Never speak of the Plaid Ajah!

2) Tell everyone about the Plaid Ajah! What’s the point of being in a secret organization if you can’t gloat.

So yeah, I’m in. Haha! I crashed around two AM, after a wonderful discussion of Eddie Izzard and Denis Leary with Leigh and a few others. And no, Leigh isn’t in the Plaid Ajah. I guess she just isn’t cool enough.

Day Three: Sunday

I wake up at Seven. Again, don’t ask why. I get my things packed up and out to my car, then go and have breakfast with Alan and his wife. Much fun conversation and discussion. Oh, and I will stop being mean, no I did not learn any secrets that I cannot tell you during all my hobnobbing with Team Jordan. They are very tight-lipped, and even delighted in taunting us.

So yeah, after breakfast with Alan, I go to the gaishan/volunteer appreciation breakfast-thingie. I got a nice hookmark, with the Wheel of Time symbol on it. After the first wave of swag was given out, Tiff the Gaishan Coordinator used a random number generator to give out stuff randomly, including some nice shawls. Well, she offered up a shawl, hit the button, and my name came up. She said “um, you can take a con shirt instead,” to which I puffed up my chest and said “I’ll take the shawl.” I now own a wonderful yellow shawl, and I did wear it for the rest of the con. Alas, (or fortunately), I do not think anyone got a picture of me in it.

After that, I went, like a proper hobbit, and had second breakfast with–ready for it?–Tom, Harriet, and Wilson, amongst a smattering of others, including a few readers/posters. That was great conversation as well, but hey, when is it not? After that was done, I sat in on another Brandon Sanderson panel, and now, finally, for “How is A Memory of Light being organized?”.

OK, I’ll start by saying Brandon did not tell us any names/characters who are going to be where, so I will have to be as vague as him. Although, I think I saw a chart somewhere that will give us an idea, if someone wants to be investigative.

So, the story as stands at the end of Knife of Dreams has four “plot arcs” that are more or less related through “geography, fate, thought, etc.” At the end of each of those arcs was a giant chunk of joined material that was “Tarmon Gaidon” and made up roughly 1/3 of the story. Brandon started writing these plot arcs like 4 separate novels with the intent to intersperse them. He had finished the third arc and hit 400k words when they decided they had to split it.

So, what they are doing: the first two plot arcs he wrote are going to be MOSTLY included in Gathering Storm, as well some set-up/teaser of the other two. Then, in the second book (Working title The Shifting Winds, by the by, but we were promised it is going to be changed) is going to continue from that set-up/teaser of the third and fourth plot arcs, and including the final setup of the first two so that everyone hits at the same point and is ready for Tarmon Gaidon. Book three (working title is Tarmon Gaidon, but it might be A Memory of Light), will be, yes, Tarmon Gaidon. So, there ya go.

So, after Brandon’s Panel, where he explained this, I made my goodbyes and made the drive home. Alas, it was a seven hour drive, so I missed the only other panel I was interested in with Red Eagle, where they were talking about–ready for it again?–a Wheel of Time live-action movie. I did chat with the producer some the night before, and I will tell you this: the man is a mega-fan. I have strong hopes for this.

Coda: Monday

I’m back in “The Real World” right now, putting off doing work while typing this up. I admit to feeling detached and listless, and my co-workers are poking jokes at my constant drifting off.

JordonCon was amazing. Thank you to the Liangs et al for their wonderful and hard work, to all the guests who came, and to all of my fellow volunteers who helped keep things moving. I look forward to seeing all of you again at DragonCon, and I will definitely be back next year for JordanCon 2010. RJ may have left us, but we shall ensure his legacy continues, and perhaps even beyond the WoT universe. I foresee a whole cadre of authors that, through their own writing and own worlds, continue the work and vision that Robert Jordan laid down not for a world and story, but for the very concept of what a fantasy can be.

Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of Time!

Photo by Amy Romanczuk, more WoT photos here.

Luke M
1. lmelior
Congrats on your first blog post! Sounds like you managed to make yourself a pretty major part of the festivities. Are you ta'veren?
Galen Brinn
2. GatheringStorm
Grats, Richard, and thanks for the write up. Between you and Leigh, I feel almost like I was there myself.

*Thoroughly envious of the trip*
3. WinespringBrother
Great recap, Richard!

~ checks camera for pictures of Mat Cauthon of the Yellow Ajah ~
4. jlfitz
Great second perspective. Wish I was able to attend, so now I'll just have to look for some video's. Here's to hoping next years DragonCon is on the west coast; San Diego is in a decent driving distance.
Alice Arneson
5. Wetlandernw
Beavers, badgers and taxis aside... Seriously, dude, what a cool weekend! Mat? and all the schmoozing? After reading this, I honestly think it would be more fun to work at a 'con than just to attend. Sounds like a great time. And to be perfectly honest, I'm glad there weren't any leaks. Thanks for sharing your weekend with those of us who couldn't get there. Oh, and for your commitment to respect the integrity of the authors & Team Jordan - it really chafes me when someone "scoops" something like this. Even if the info is correct, and it usually isn't quite, it's so rude. I appreciate you treating them with honor. THX.

(scary lady...)
Maggie M
6. Eswana
Leigh's account of the Skit is that is was Legen - wait for it - Dary. She also raved about your performance as impromptu Mat.

Well done, sir, well done.
Brett Michie
7. bchurch
Very cool. Thank you so much for sharing. I caught some streaming vid of the sword forms, and thought it looked like a lot of fun. Also caught much of the Team Jordan panel about the aMoL split on the stream. I am very eager to get the first installment.
8. hoping to be of the blood
I enjoyed reading your account. Sounds like a great weekend.
I hereby withdraw the titles I bestowed on you. No longer are you Lightsbane, Torturer of puppies and Rickroller of the WOT obsessed. (Maybe the last one should stick.)
Thanks for the write up
Richard Fife
9. R.Fife
@8 so I'm still the Betrayer of Hope? Aw shucks.
Jason Denzel
10. JasonDenzel
Richard... great summary. You rocked as Mat. Thanks for being a good sport. :)

For anybody interested, check out this post on Dragonmount which has some more interesting links and stories from the convention.
mark Proctor
11. mark-p
ooh look at you up there posting with the big boys.

Thanks, its an informative summary. Sounds like you had a great week end. They will have to hold it in europe next year so I can go.
How many people do you think attended?
Chiara Elvira
12. elvyelvy
*mumble mumble*
You mitigated the amount of toh you owe, I concede this... nonetheless the RickFifstley video.... really, dude, I had to stop working and restore my hearing capabilities (well what's left of them anyway) with a bit of ACDC. Ok, you deserve a smaller punishment... just a couple of days secluded with Elaida. Maybe she will let you wear the yellow shawl. Maybe.

*grunting grudgingly* thanks for the recap!
13. Grinwell
Great summary of the Con, Richard Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. Make sure you wear that shawl to work!
Richard Fife
14. R.Fife
Oh, I thought I put it in the recap: Harriet actually gave me a benediction for my shawl. See, I defended my right to it since I "heal computers" for my day job. She liked my reason, and even told someone else that I had the right to the shawl later.

I briefly thought of taking the white shawl that was there, since I am a Computer Science Engineer by trade, but for some reason the yellow just called to me. It also meant that I got to taunt Emma (the founder of the Nynaeve fan club) with it. *evil grin*.
16. Rachel/Yelenia
agreed! Very lovely in your shawl!

Thanks for the post :D And Yay Plaid!
John Massey
17. subwoofer
Mr. R. Fife, in case you missed it somebody gonna get a hurt real bad ...
... But seriously, I am envious for being within striking distance of anybody with name ending in Jordan. Impressed also with the being respectful. I wouldda stalked their ass and pestered them with questions... never claimed I was perfect.
Thank you for the recap and the biggie. Almost makes up for the wild goose chases you lead me on in TSR 10. grrrr.
oh yeah.....
You looked very pretty.
Lannis .
18. Lannis
Richard! (Seems weird to call you that--so used to keying R.Fife.)

Great recap! Glad to see you've spilled beans, so to speak, by not spilling the beans! You did a good job of fending off the zombie WoTers on the other thread!

You should take a pic of that shawl and make it your new avatar.

Any way you or Leigh could mention to the Powers That Be that next year's JordanCon should head North--like say, Toronto? :)
John Massey
19. subwoofer
Lannis@18- I second that! Motion carried... guess it has to be held in Toronto now.
here's a clip for fending off any future Zombies... or people putting out cheesy '80's videos.
Jennifer Liang
20. JenniferL
I am more than happy to organize as many JordanCons as you wish, in whatever city you desire, so long as you pay me enough to quit me job and do this full time. Otherwise, you will have to be satisfied with whatever I can do in what I joking call "my spare time".
Richard Fife
21. R.Fife
Wait, Jenn, what are you doing posting? Don't you have a DragonCon track to organize? :P

BTW, I put the Rand Al'Con up there just for you *hugs then runs from panda with a sword*
John Massey
22. subwoofer
oki doki... I'll take up a collection
- passes a hat around
I have a pair of grateful dead tickets, 4000 pesos, 1 super donair, 8 lug nuts from a '63 galaxy 500, and an angry midget.- I don't know who provided the midget but I am sure you could use him as a personal assistant.
much love for your efforts and wherever it ends up being, I am sure we will all flock there to tar and feather somebody *ahem* for their trickery and deceit.
Kevin Morgan
23. DrMorganstien
Thanks very much for sharing. Well spoken sir, both accounts of the con have made me envious of the fun and prideful of the fandom for being so awesome.
Jennifer Liang
24. JenniferL
I'm on vacation!

Which roughly translates to getting home from work and wandering around the house aimlessly, wondering what I'm supposed to DO with myself now.

And I will take that midget, provided he is proficient in Excel.
Jennifer Liang
25. JenniferL
Oh, and I did notice your use of Rand alCon in your post. Jimmy is insisting on the SeanCon Invasion next year, so I suppose ConSaken will be in 2011.
Amar Ramraj
26. aiel1219
Dang it... I fell asleep at 3 am (my side of the world) so am like 5 hours late to readin this.

Great summary R.Fife (a.k.a. Richard Sedai of the yellow Ajah). And for your prize you win...*drum roll*... Faile doing the Sa'Sarah (while someone distracts Perin with a juicy chunk of steak).

Seriously though, you and Leigh did a great job of giving us a "feel of Rand Al'Con". It seems to have been a wonderful event and hope I can join you as Gai Shan next year :)

Am so sad I missed the Prologue Read by The Great Bard Himself.

Anyways, kudos n much applause.
Amar Ramraj
27. aiel1219
Oh, I went looking for any RJ videos online after reading the JordanCon posts and found a few of him talking about KoD CoT n NS characters etc. They can be found here
Erdrick Farseer
28. Erdrick
FYI, the Seanchan plot for one of the outrigger novels is not a new revelation. This is the RJ blog from November 8, 2006:

"Oh, finishing A Memory of Light, of course, and getting started on Mat and Tuon, and some others, five to ten years after the Last Battle. Those go without saying. Not a bad plan for the coming year, eh?"

I posted about this way back in Leigh's TGH reread (part 1) when explaining the difference between RJ's references to "prequel" and "outrigger" novels. I've fallen way behind in those (Leigh's) posts, but perhaps someday I'll catch up. Hopefully before the third AMoL book comes out.

Thanks for the JCon recap. I heard you rocked as Mat.
29. seanie
great stuff.......sounds like Ta'vern with da partyin *chuckle* also sounds like you had some of Mat's luck workin' for ya {envy,indeed} year philly , kay ?
John Massey
30. subwoofer
aiel1219- thanks- wasn't expecting a real link after someone cried wolf several times but.... cool beans!
31. UK Chris
I just wanted to say, for the Powers that Be at TOR who may be reading this, that I would absolutely pay $20 for an MP3 of RJ's reading sold in combination with the prologue on Amazon or whatever, and I'm sure bunches of other people would too. Sounds like an incredibly special experience!

And thanks Richard -- great reading (especially the intro...quite RJish!)
Blake Engholm
32. UncrownedKing
Good recap

P.s. There would be no way I'd turn down the shawl. I'd wear it ,and in a high pitch voice, order people around, having them do useless things all the while being totally ignorant of the world around me.

I'm jealous
Blake Engholm
33. UncrownedKing
Good recap

P.s. There would be no way I'd turn down the shawl. I'd wear it ,and in a high pitch voice, order people around, having them do useless things all the while being totally ignorant of the world around me.

I'm jealous
Chiara Elvira
34. elvyelvy
Besides the high pitch voice, would you wear high heels (maybe stilettos if you are so bold and daring) and sway your hips too?

Who was wearing the tutu anyway? age is so unkind...
Lannis .
35. Lannis
subwoofer @ 22: You can add my tutu to the hat for Jennifer... hope she like sky-blue-pink and glitter!

Little known fact: tutus are an accepted form of payment up here in the snow-laden land that is Canada.

elvyelvy@ 34: I believe the tutus were in Postland, lost somewhere between #400-500 of the 700+ posts... I was wearing one, and I think gagecreed was also sporting a garish lovely multicoloured one, over-the-top Tinker-style. And well, at this point, I'm sure there were others, too...

Unless, of course, there were some (previously unmentioned) tutus at JordanCon? (R.Fife, I'm looking at you--did it match your shawl? Is that why we have no pics of you in The Fringe?)
Chiara Elvira
36. elvyelvy
Lannis, tutus seem to spring out from nowhere these days.
You too were there? so many of you managed to go(gnashing hands in pure envy) while we were slaving our days on... Post something anything pleasepleaseplease

Gosh, I can almost picture R.sneaky-poster-Fife sporting a lovely shimmering yellow tutu and matching shawl loosely draped around arms.
John Massey
37. subwoofer
Lannis- I am from- and in the tundra now- where it is a balmy -7 degrees C(19F for all those below the 49)and I am wondering if R. Fife did this as a joke too. I'll give him "earning his shawl"!- sniff. The tutu for currency thing explains why I am always broke up here. I seemed to of misplaced my strapless red dress too. Maybe my wife has it...
38. bookworm
@37 subwoofer.

You must be a lumberjack, then?
Eric Robinson
39. perrin77
Wow, I have such a mix of emotions reading this. First is, of course, envy. Close after is excitement for the next 3 books. That must of been one hell of a good time. Thanks for the wonderful write up. Looking forward to reading and hopefully seeing more (post videos)
Amar Ramraj
40. aiel1219
Ohhhh!!! We're invading!!!
I was busy reciting my Great Asmodean is killed by Pala.... er sum1 tale at our 700+ Party, OK well better late than never.

I want a tutu. Can I borrow one?? Ummm...but does anyone have one for a 6'3" 210ish lbs guy??? It's helll getting cool clothes to fit me in India!!! Gotta search forever!

Just to add a bit of insanely irrlevant insanity to this here post:
Better late than never... well unless you're on the wrong end of this story...

Procrastinating Penguing finally walks into the party and smiles at Partyhost Penguin.
PP: Better Late Than Never,eeehh buuuddy?

Partyhost Penguin calmly reaches for his BFG, aims and blasts Procrastinating Penguin outta his Flippers and into oblivion.

PHP: Still think so??? Suckaahhh!!!!

WOW!!! That WAS INSANE!!! :)
41. stepper
wow! great weekend...I hate you....I mean....congrats on having such a great time!
Thanks for the great write up!
42. Jeffrey R. Daniel
Richard, Great recap.

Just to clarify the placement of the Dragon and Sword on the collar for Asha'man. I was the one to ask Harriet, who then brought over Wilson, about the placement of the pins. It is important to know that the placements you listed are viewed facing the person wearing the pins.

So from the point of view of the wearer of the pins, the Dragon is on their LEFT, and the Sword is on their RIGHT.

And to clarify on the Sword placement, the dull side of the blade should be towards the sky. This is in line with all items of good luck (like a horse shoe) "as if to gather rain" Wilson said. The tip of the sword, towards the ear of the wearer.
Richard Fife
43. R.Fife
erm, the way the Bedali pins are made, for the sword to face the chin, have "dull" edge up, it has to be on the wearer's left side. Same with the dragon, to face towards the chin. I had this discussion with Aubree Pham (of Heron Marked Scissors), whose husband wore the pins in RJ's presence and got "corrected" because he had them with the Dragon facing out on the left side and the sword also facing out on the right.

But there was a whole bunch of confusion too, cause Wilson and I first though the pins "faced out", but have always asserted the dull faced up. After Aubree talked to me (just before dinner on Sat night), I then talked to Wilson about it during the ball, and he said something along the lines of "Who am I to argue with Jim" and agreed that it made sense. It also makes sense in the military fashion, as when you have two rank insignia to wear on your collar, the "lower" rank is worn on your left, and the sword is of lower rank than the dragon.
44. Jeffrey R. Daniel
Can you clarify your POV when saying left and right? Left facing the person, is right to the wearer, and vice versa.

Your conversation with Wilson occured after mine then, as I spoke with he and Harriet between the prologue reading and the Ball.
Lannis .
45. Lannis
elvyelvy@ 36: Alas, no, I was home minding the hobbits, erm, I mean kidlets. No JordanCon for me. Now, mind you, I'm up for attending if it were a skeetch closer... like say, Toronto? Did someone mention Toronto? Hmm... Toronto sounds good... I vote Toronto!

subwoofer @ 37: Myself, I'm in a little place called Coldwater Ontario. While it's a little bit balmier than -7 (it's "supposed" to be +12c here today--but with a windchill to lower it), just read the name of the village: it's cold and there's water. Thanks for visiting--now you've been here.

I'm just thinking though, that until R.Fife shows up in a photo, we can assume that Mat/Richard Sedai was wearing a yellow tutu along with that shawl, and perhaps that's why he's conspicuously missing from footage...
Richard Fife
46. R.Fife
@44: All my terms are from the "wearer's" POV. So MY right side had a dragon, MY left side as a sword. And yeah, cause Wilson and I were having that discussion at the same time, actually (perhaps you were there and my memory is just hazy), looking at my pins over by the bar, and we thought it was supposed to be the other way.

Aubree grabbed me just before dinner and used me as the demo dummy (actually, that's how I ended up sitting at that very dinner table), and after the food, I saw Wilson milling about just outside of the "ballroom" along with Aubree and we decided on the "final" way to pin them on.

@45: I am actually in footage quite a bit, just not any from Sunday. Flashbulbs weren't going to strong sunday, most of the pictures happened through Saturday. I deny all tutu accusations.
Chiara Elvira
47. elvyelvy
ooops, Lannis, hasty human again I am, and I misinterpreted your post. But your kids are lucky.

Coldwater, eh? Nomen omen, the Romans said.
Yet while you and Subwoofer compare the respective temperature and balminess of the places you live, I will let it slip that I live in a "nice" city famous or infamous (your choice) for its delicate wind (see? I was fated to hook onto WoT) which easily blows over 100Km/h, particularly in winter. Btw, I do love my city, there's sea, mountains... the Alps are within reach.

About R.Fife the Infamous, I agree with the yellow tutu, and considering he should be from the south, probably clinging too, Domani-style. Shall we throw in a Taraboner veil, while we are at it? (snickering)
Abdel Masdoua
48. TheDarkOne
Thank You for this recap Richard!
Blood and Bloody Ashes, How I Wish I Could Have Been There!

Next time, what about all of ya guys coming over to Europe (or at least in the UK, that would so rock!), we will have a freakin' good time, promised.
You won't regret it!

Let's vote!
elvyelvy, I guess you're gonna back me up on this?
(Unless I misread something in the 700+ posts, which is a good probability, given the amount of whacko back there...)

Lobby for next JordanCon in the UK!
Please? Pretty Please?

Way to go Richard! Shawl and Tutu:
I think I'm not the only one who would have enjoyed a peek at that much fun!
*wink wink*
And Also, What's wrong about tutus, I wore one once...
Too much sharing?
*hides behind his hands in shame*
Chiara Elvira
49. elvyelvy
DarkOne, sure I'm backing you up. And all European fans step forward, please, er, post forward!
Uk it's my second home, and the beer, oh my, gimme some brown ale, or a pint of bitter...
seriously, it would be memorable!!!
John Massey
50. subwoofer
Bookworm, yes.... lumberjacks in Canada are widely know for wearing strapless red dresses.
um... R. Fife, confess- you broke the bloody camera- didn't you? scary.
Lannis- I'm in Edmonton , not much here but oil, gov't and (shudder) hockey. Still on board with the pub idea with elvyelvy.
And..........Tarmon Gaidon is a whole freakin' book?! The last battle is a whole freakin' book! WAhooooo!!
Richard Fife
51. R.Fife
It will actually be a haiku, Sub.

And, to set the record straight, I do not break cameras! That is me in my poor-man's Asha'man costume. Sadly, I cannot actually remember the lovely young woman's name, as we had actually just been passing by each other when someone asked to take our picture together. Go fig.

And yes, I'm wearing my pins "correctly" in this pic, even if the dragon is a little lopsided.
John Massey
52. subwoofer
My admin asst. is from Leeds - When I understand two words he puts together he makes it sound like a nice place- Also love the quiet man so UK has my vote. Can deal with London or whatever. Sounds like a good trip and something to do. Or we could visit the jungle and enjoy some balmy weather. Just throwing it out there.
Richard Fife
53. R.Fife
A Picture of not just me (earlier that day) but also of leigh sitting down for the Rampant Theory Panel. Kinda blurry, sorry, but that is the only one I've found that has leigh in it. Perhaps she is better at no-camera-no-jutsu than me. behind the table next to Leigh is Jakob, and next to him is Matt from theoryland.
lanyo lanyo
54. lanyo
Still so, so envious!! A shawl, and pins, and BEING IN A ROOM WITH A TON OF PEOPLE JUST AS GEEKED AS YOU!!!!!!

Not fair. Good for you guys who got to go, and thanks for bringing back some memories and pictures to share.

I thought I had something else to say, but I had to run out and herd goats, so it slipped my mind
John Massey
55. subwoofer
Still over the moon about the final books- can't wait for Nov.. Then we can plan the next JordanCon about the future books and maybe partake in some drinking games and stuff. Not to mention taking over the world...
John Massey
56. subwoofer
umm.... was it me or did TSR #10 just go boom?
Amar Ramraj
57. aiel1219
I think it went boom man. LOL!!!
it got too big LOL!!!
John Massey
58. subwoofer
yes that was great- our post crapped out . How am I supposed to take over the world now? smeg.
Richard Fife
59. R.Fife
CrossPost Fu:

Hmm, seems to actually be a matter of IE failing. I can get into TSR#10 on Firefox, just not IE.

Correction, now my Firefox isn't working either. Oh phooy.
Brett Michie
60. bchurch
I got it to work with google chrome, but not with firefox
Alice Arneson
61. Wetlandernw
Haven't tried posting on TSR10 since #832, but I'm using IE, cable modem, and not having any trouble. gofig.
Alice Arneson
62. Wetlandernw
Are you guys crashing just when you try to post, or even when you refresh? Not that I have any ideas, mind you, I'm just curious. It'd be the first time in a while that my system worked better than ANYONE else's...
John Massey
63. subwoofer
I'm on firefox- I don't want to go back to the dark side....
Alice Arneson
64. Wetlandernw
Oh, and in case anyone is counting... (this is so sad) the three-post total is now at 975... No question we'll break a thousand before the new reread goes up tomorrow.

*shakes head in quiet desparation*

*or was that just another twitch*
John Massey
65. subwoofer
God will smote you with mighty smoting!
Amar Ramraj
66. aiel1219
Ohh I just realised I cud see and view the 800+ comments page as a guest(and post) but not when I log in with tmy aiel1219 account.... go figure
67. subwoofer not log in and all is well. Maybe they just got tired of us... Maybe Homeland security caught wind of my plans to conquer the world 1 Starbuck at a time and yanked the plug. Maybe they're watching us now... wife- check the salt shaker! Wetlander- I am keeping my distance and watching for lightening.
68. subwoofer
975 my hairy ass! Big fat liar- I'm 838- at this rate I think the thing has ground to a halt. No worries, Leigh will rescue us tomorrow with a fresh post and those with rashes from all the twitching can get it seen to. Perhaps going to a doctor... ointment? Gold bond?
Alice Arneson
69. Wetlandernw
Okay, I finally got the fatal error on TSR10 too. So are we randomly posting on either recap, to add to the general woolheadedness going around?
Amar Ramraj
70. aiel1219
and btw if your balls r on fire I advise u stop looking for lightning and drop n roll...or atleast get a damn fire extinguisher.... the wife won't be so happy if u burn down the family tree u know.

I decided to use IE with me signed in for these post and firefox where I'm not signed in for the 800+ post....
Alice Arneson
71. Wetlandernw
The 975 (which is long ago now) was the total for TSR10 (at that point 835), Leigh's recap (then at 76) and RFife's recap (then at 64). I figured it was mostly the same people posting, so we might as well add it all together. Of course, some were duplicates, but I wasn't about to go sifting through to figure THAT out.

Okay, I give up. People 'round here are starting to carry on cranky.
72. subwoofer
Wetlander..... buddy.... you never said math was involved...
73. Wetlandernw
Yeah, I was one of those horrible kids who liked to do square roots by hand back when. Couldn't do it now to save my life, but I'm a bit AR when it comes to adding up this that and the other irrelevant thing... 'sjust fun. Pathetic fun, but hey. You take what you can get, eh?

(oh no... not logged in, so now I'm stuck with verification again. Gaaaahhhh)
Timothy Schaefer
74. breeze

I'm jealous of all those that went to JordanCon.

New poster here, of course, but just want to say loved all the comments on the various Wheel of Time threads. Keep up the good work
75. subwoofer
yup- not sure to be green with envy or whip them all with wet towels when the next one goes on. The only thing I ask is that the whereabouts and date are posted waaaaaaaay in advance so I can plan my life around it. JordanCon'10 or bust people!
Michael Johnson
76. twosheddz
Great recaps by you and Leigh.
I'm hoping to make the next one. It would have been worth it just to hear the prologue in the Creator's voice. When we lost him and Wilson recounted the telling of the tale on the blog, I thought to myself that if I never got to read the final book, I would be happy just hearing that recording. I know Harriet has reservations about releasing it, but I would still pay to hear it even after buying the remaining books.
I add a vote for Toronto as it's only a couple hours away for me

Bookworm @38, With my handle, that tickled my funny bone.
77. subwoofer
ps. my balls feel better.
jane reynolds
78. janie
Nice, RFife! So you're Mr Big-Posting-On-Tor-Pants now, are you? As well as a rocking Volunteer Mat (by all accounts), yellow-ajah-shawl wearer, rickroller extraordinare, and torturer of helpless WOTers? That's a lot of hats, my friend. Bravo!

All the comments? Perhaps you were wise and avoided #10.
79. subwoofer
um...... what the deuce does being a luberjack have to do with twosheddz? I must be missing some cultural reference.
Timothy Schaefer
80. breeze

Nope, I read 10. That was quite a section. After I realized what it was degenerating into, I couldn't stop.

I also second the proposal of subwoofer. We must plan our lives around the next convention and, thus, it must be advertised for one year in advance.
jane reynolds
81. janie
@wetlander, sub
By my count (839 on #10, 81 on Leigh's and 80 here), breeze just made 1000! I think we may all be officially insane.
82. subwoofer
Yeah! it could be so cool! We could play pin the tail on the Myrddraal, or first one to make a warder laugh with yo momma jokes or aes sedai kiss the more racier version of maiden's kiss. The possibilities are endless.
Michael Johnson
83. twosheddz
subwoofer @79 It's a Monty Python thing
Timothy Schaefer
84. breeze
I think if I did make 1000 I may start posting in all caps and call myself the Great Lord :D
John Massey
85. subwoofer
@84- you didn't read my earlier comments about smoting- did you? Everyone, step back from breeze...
jane reynolds
86. janie
You know, at this point, I think everyone would probably just accept it
John Massey
87. subwoofer
is that the I'm a lumberjack song? That was almost before my time...
John Massey
88. subwoofer
but yes... I do cut down trees and wear women's clothes... so free and comforting... like yellow shawls...
Timothy Schaefer
89. breeze
Michael Johnson
90. twosheddz

Yeah, the infamous lumberjack song.
My handle is from another skit. An interview with Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson
John Massey
91. subwoofer
yup Hitler said the same thing. And he was a vegetarian.
John Massey
92. subwoofer
@89 yup Hitler said the same thing. And he was a vegetarian.
John Massey
93. subwoofer
glad TSR10 went nuclear. had less than glamorous posts. Much better material here. Breeze- do the big voice thing again... maybe with an English accent...
Timothy Schaefer
94. breeze
(beginning with Sean Connery accent)




(Captain Jack from Torchwood)


(Bond, James Bond)

John Massey
95. subwoofer
I can almost hear Moneypenny swooning in the background
96. Freelancer
Hey breeze, shouldn't you be trying to Soothe folks, rather than acting all almighty mighty and stuff? I know you got your brass working, but what emotion are you targeting?
Timothy Schaefer
97. breeze

Was waiting on someone to pick up the reference!

You are quite right, my good sir!

Now... to get to soothing, in the background, to stop all the twitching and other withdrawal symptoms from both lack of Leigh and re-read posts and the anticipation of the next book. You shall all feel better for it, I promise.

EDIT: I am targeting anticipation.
Michael Johnson
98. twosheddz
We all missed your Soothing. You must be working with a Smoker.

Freelancer somehow pierced the coppercloud
Timothy Schaefer
99. breeze
Freelancer must be Mistborn. Not only Mistborn, but born from a very powerful line to pierce copperclouds. Or... perhaps Freelancer gained his/her powers through Hemalurgy?
100. Freelancer
Well, breeze, good luck with that. I'm not sanguine that it'll work on this crowd. You'd think folks that "calmly" wait for years for the next installment of an epic, could hold out for less than two weeks for a re-read commentary, but nooooo...

It looks like the TSR10 post got rampaged by a koloss army in a blood frenzy. It's toast.
101. Freelancer
I refuse to divulge the source of my heightened perceptions, except to say that it is NOT via Hemalurgy. ::scratches head nervously:: Then again, I did accidentally get a pencil jammed into my wrist in third grade, and the tip snapped off. But what power could have been granted by graphite? And I'm pretty sure nobody was slain with that particular #2.

Curse you, Ruin!
Timothy Schaefer
102. breeze
I took the last week off as well. I think that is where all the zombies came from =/

And you should be safe with graphite. However, you can never be to sure. I would check with your local Terrismen. They know much.
Chiara Elvira
103. elvyelvy
subwoofer@88 women clothes are fine, cutting down trees not so fine (Loial wouldn't like it, now would he?). But I hope you don't come to our pub crawl +drinking games &songs with suspenders *little twitch* do stick to the tutu, much safer
Chiara Elvira
104. elvyelvy
subwoofer@55 that video really made me laugh, *twitches* because the background music title is (roughly translated from the original) "The Quack quack dance" or " Chicken Dance". Please enjoy the original and behold where you mired us.
105. subwoofer
elvyelvy..... interesting. But I am highly suspicious about the people in that video. Either they were hardcore and did that without drinking or they were sensible and already drunk... which path do we go down for the drinking game? The remake was nice because of Sam and Dean and the kick to the can...
Chiara Elvira
106. elvyelvy
Subwoofer@105 I'll explain everything about that particular dance before a good beer -promise, I'm a good girl- and no, they were sober, just paid for doing it.
Any drinking game will be fine, I suppose I won't care after some time but beware, I don't get drunk easily...
Michael Ikeda
107. mikeda

Back when rec.arts.sf.written-robert-jordan was still somewhat active, the joke was that the last novel would cover the last minute of Tarmon Gaidon.
109. tnsabregirl
Hi, Richard. Great post. Just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow "plaid" inductee. (Plaid Ajah? Whut?) I was dressed as Cadsuane at JordanCon. I didn't realize you were "THE" Richard Fife. :-)

Hope to see you at JordanCon!
Richard Fife
110. R.Fife
Wait, I get a definative article now? Woot!

I remember you. I remember having a lovely semi-inebrated discussion over the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of fencing grips. Can't recall what, um, name they gave you, but I recall Chip being given a certain, um, hideous internet trap for his. Again, don't look it up, trust those of us who have seen it. There are just some things that cannot be unseen.
Dave-Brendon de Burgh
111. EvadBelBurgh
I've got to tell you, you just did a South African WoT fan a helluva favor! :-) Thanks for letting us in on what happened. :-)
Ross Hathaway
112. RossH
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