Apr 17 2009 1:50pm

JordanCon Live Video Feed!

This weekend is JordanCon, but for those of you who weren’t able to make it the folks at have been gracious enough to create a live feed of the Con! The opening ceremonies are about to start, so check out the footage below.

Also, if you’re on Twitter, and tweeting JordanCon, make sure to use the #jordancon hashtag, so that people can easily follow along using Twitter Search.

1. blighboggle
in case anyuone there checks this you cant hear anything
Pablo Defendini
2. pablodefendini
I can hear it just fine here. Check your settings....
Steve Godecke
3. Steve.Godecke
Thanks for the comment, blighboggle. I was running the video. Some events were probably hard to hear because the hotel's ventilation system was loud and the guests did not have microphones. I hope Brandon Sanderson could be heard - he seemed very good at projecting.

This was a late-breaking idea this year, and I have already thought of many ways to improve for next year's convention.

I was also recording many JordanCon events with a separate digital video camera. I'm not a pro, but that footage should be much better and can be re-watched. Keep an eye on the forums for an announcement as videos are posted in the next few weeks.

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