Apr 8 2009 6:16pm

Hugo award logo contest

Hugo AwardThe Hugo award is arguably the most coveted honor a work of science fiction or fantasy can receive and yet it has never had an official logo to go with its famous 1950s automobile hood ornament-inspired, needle-nosed, finned rocket statue.

That’s where you come in.

The World Science Fiction Society has put out a call for entries to design a logo that can be used on book covers, DVDs, websites...anywhere a Hugo winning creation can manifest itself. If you are a designer, or willing to pretend, lend your time and talent to becoming part of Hugo history.

Click here for the rules and submission guidelines.

Entries must include the rocket because, a) it’s cool and b) it’s the Hugo! Plus the words “Hugo Award Winner” and “Hugo Award.”

Deadline: May 31st

No fee to enter.

You win:
Signed Neil Gaiman books
A WorldCon membership

Neil Gaiman
- 3 time Hugo Award-winning author
Chip Kidd - Graphic designer, author, editor,
Geri Sullivan - SF Fan and graphic designer pro
and me! - Art director for Tor Books and (and, yes, I fully realize this makes me cooler than I’ll ever be again, if only by association).

For more information on the the history of the Hugo awards, check out

Megan Messinger
1. thumbelinablues
I understand if the people who are going to go for this - professional designers and all that - don't want their entries posted on the web for all to see...but it would be more fun for us!

Irene, you are always cool. :0)
Richard Fife
2. R.Fife
Irene, you really have it backward. The other judges are all the cooler for getting to be associated more strongly with you! You totally should make them give you a fruitcake (complete with Rum) for the honor of co-judging with you. S'what I think, at least.

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