Apr 1 2009 9:00am

Anne Rice Admits to Writing Jesus Fan Fiction

Long-time opponent of fanfiction and author of at least two readable books, Anne Rice has reluctantly changed her tune about the genre she so strongly dislikes. “I am a Jesus fanfic writer,” she admitted in a recent restatement of the headline.

Critics maintain that Ms. Rice began her career writing Anaïs Nin imitations and has, since The Vampire Lestat, written several books of Anne Rice fanfiction.

Upon her reentry to faith in the Catholic Church, she turned her attentions to the great Nazarene Protagonist himself. Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt is a fictional account of Jesus’ formative years. Its sequel is The Road to Cana, which presents the beginning of his earthly ministry. Hope, Crosby and Lamour are noticeably absent.

Asked why she opposed material derived from her own work, but felt no compunction borrowing Jesus, she commented, “I don’t want people reworking my imagination. I invented bisexual vampirism, after all. And creepy children. I invented them too. As for Jesus, I just filled in the blanks.”

A spokesman for Pope Benedict issued a statement that the Holy Father had not read the work, but has sent it on to Vatican lawyers. “We trust,” he said, “that it is better than The Tale of the Body Thief.”

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
I hope she gave him a girlfriend. Just doesn't seem right that everyone got a girlfriend but him. Hope he didn't end up with the whore, though. Perhaps a cute, shy, anemic girl that keeps fainting?
Agnes Kormendi
2. tapsi
"And creepy children. I invented them too."

So if I report my neighbours, the Patent Office will take those kids away because they infringe on Anne Rice's rights? Huh. Good to know!
Jon Meltzer
4. Jon Meltzer
Is he a sparkly Jesus?
Jon Meltzer
5. Brian2
Obsessed with characters who come back from the dead, isn't she? Well, at least if she's doing that, she's not pursuing her plagiarism claim against Sheridan Le Fanu.
Jill Hayhurst
7. pericat
Ah ha! So that explains the whole "drink, this is my blood" stuff with Jesus! And how he got so many followers so quickly.
Jon Meltzer
8. LaughingStoic
Hmm, I find her statement that she invented bisexual vampires and creepy children to be quite absurd. Sure, she may have wrote them in popular fiction but that hardly makes her the creator. There is no such thing as a completely original idea after all- the world's been around to long for that. I think it's wrong and quite petty of her to oppose fanfiction. I could understand if they were making money off it or claiming they invented the characters, but really it should be flattering shouldn't it?

Whatever, ancient post is ancient *ridiculous to even comment*

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