Apr 23 2009 3:22pm

Alien vs. Predator

Because it’s funny...

Alien vs. Predator

Created by a Benjamin Parry, Andre McGrail, David Partridge, Andy Salisbury, Gavin Siakimotu.

(Via: CGSociety)

1. tamyrlink
that is way cool
Dave Thompson
2. DKT
I love these. Way more entertaining than the movies!

There's also a funny one of them playing tetherball:
Samantha Brandt
3. Talia
Heh. Reminds of the IMHO hilarious strip Alien Loves Predator by Bernie Hou,

Obviously the art there isnt nearly as elaborate, but it can't hope to be for a weekly strip. :)
Samantha Brandt
4. Talia
Course I blathered on completely missing at first the games part and resulting twist on words, so its really not that much like AlP at all, but.. oh well. Don't mind me.
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
Thanks, DKT. I didn't see that one.
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
Talia: All Alien humor is appreciated. I love that they use action figures. (Maybe because because I used to steal brothers giant Aline doll that had "spring action arms to crush its victums", as the commercail went.)

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