Apr 21 2009 1:04pm

9: The Creepy Doll Revolution Continues

A new clip from the upcoming 9, the full-length version of Shane Acker’s award-winning short film has been ricocheting around the interwebs this week, unnerving everyone in its path (in the best possible way). Produced by Tim Burton, the film’s highly-stylized CGI aesthetic mimics the look of stop-motion animation, creating a visual world that has more in common with the work of the Brothers Quay than with your average Pixar film. Not that I don’t love Pixar, but I grew up on Tim Burton movies—I crave family entertainment that features skeletons and creepy dolls along with sunshine, lollipops and adorable robots. And frankly, Burton’s Corpse Bride fell a bit flat; I think we’re overdue for some genuinely eerie thrills...happily, 9 looks fully capable of delivering The Weird.

Focus Features is releasing 9 this fall following the success of Coraline (its first animated feature), bringing a SFnal twist to animated dark fantasy. The film follows a group of sentient ragdolls battling predatory machine-creatures in a nightmarish, post-apocalyptic hellscape; do one-line plot summaries get any better than that? Elijah Wood voices the eponymous hero, leading an all-star cast of voice talent including Martin Landau, Jennifer Connelly, and my favorite weirdo, Crispin Glover (for those playing at home, that’s one hobbit, one Dracula, one Mistress of the Labyrinth, and one McFly. Awesome). The trailer is so good that it almost makes my head explode; the clip below is pure, creepy genius.

I can’t wait until 9.9.09.

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Torie Atkinson
1. Torie
I seriously cannot wait for this movie. Every trailer and clip I see of it gets better and better!
Eugene Myers
2. ecmyers
Whoa. The creepier it gets, the better it looks. I was worried this couldn't improve on the atmosphere of the short film, but it looks absolutely stunning. I'm really looking forward to this.
Joshua Starr
3. JStarr
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

I am, also, genuinely excited for this movie. The trailer was one of the best I've ever seen - gorgeous, scary, surprising, and exciting. First time I saw it, I sat and rewatched at least five times in a row.

Now, every time I get this hyped up about a movie, I'm let down when I see it... but screw that, maybe this will be the time. And even if the whole thing doesn't get to me the way these clips do, the clips do indicate that we're going to get some seriously awesome landscapes and monsters. And pretty neat fight scenes, too.
Richard Fife
4. R.Fife
This upcoming year is looking very good for the boxoffice, at least as far as it getting my hard earned monies.
Garett Harnish
5. garett
"Sorry we're unable to offer this video to users in your region."

... It's a trailer! Why would someone restrict a trailer to a geographical location? It doesn't make any sense.

*cough* though the link to the apple site works fine.
Mary Thiedeman
6. LensCapp
I am very happy to see the strange and the weird appearing in my local cinema. Finally, a break from the usual big explosion, car chase, romantic comedy crap that usually crowds the marquee.
Phil Frederick
7. flosofl
According to wikipedia it's also got a Klingon! (Christopher Plummer)
Samantha Brandt
8. Talia
I saw a clip of what was supposedly the original "9" online somewhere (that this was based off, I guess) and it just blew me away. I was dissapointed to learn that, unlike the original, this movie has voice parts - the mostly speechless original was all the more powerful for it.

In case anyone hasnt seen it:


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