Mar 22 2009 2:17pm

SF Scene: KGB Fantastic Fiction 3/18/09

This month, the KGB Fantastic Fiction reading series welcomed Paul Tremblay, who read from his narcoleptic detective novel The Little Sleep, and Stewart O’Nan, who read from Songs for the Missing, an “unflinching look at an unraveling family.” Matt Kressel has already posted pictures from the crowded and lively event.

The stories were less fantastic (genrewise, not qualitatively) than what we usually hear at KGB, so it is entirely fitting that this month’s Ridiculous Survey centered around a very serious—and entirely hypothetical—scenario:

You are the marketing manager at a major science fiction television channel. You have been asked to rebrand the channel with a new name for the channel that will better appeal to today’s youth. What do you call it?

We got quite a range of responses, from the serious to the whimsical, and a whole lot of snickers—almost as if this was anything other than a collective examination of an entirely made-up thought question! Honestly, people. Check below the fold to see what everyone said and chime in with the name of your youth-oriented SF teevee channel.

As always, if I mistranscribed your answer—or if you’d rather I linked to a different webpage or didn't use your full name—please let me know via my shoutbox. And if I missed you this time, please come find me at the next event!

3/26/09: Edited to properly attribute Jim's contribution.

[Image by Flickr user Anosmia, CC licensed for commercial use.]

1. bookwench
You put the "ol" back into "lol".
3. giant
Psi Channel or Videodrome
5. jimboweb
That was me with the Singularity Channel. Tempest (I think) pointed out on the way to Szechuan Palace that that was a common-use term that couldn't be copyrighted. Either that or it belongs to Vernor Vinge or Charles Stross.
Richard Fife
6. R.Fife
ScIence, Devils, and Androids: SIDA.

Oh wait, that's french for AIDS, don't want to accidently be a foreign word for a VD
Jason Ramboz
7. jramboz
Moderately Entertaining Reality-Divorced Escapism, or MERDE. Because as a big-time ad exec, I wouldn't have time to be bothered with checking dictionaries for other languages!

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