Mar 14 2009 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Apnée” and “La Jetée”

Apnee, la Jetee
Two about time...

A split second of time told in stillness. (4 minutes)

La Jetée
Not new to anyone here, I’m sure, but worth a hundred viewings. A time travel movie told almost entirely in stills. Well known to be the basis of Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys...while I loved 12 Monkeys, it’s amazing how much more is in this movie only a quarter of the length. (26 minutes.)


Claude Chabot


La Jetée
Chris Marker

As always, more animation in the Saturday Morning Cartoon Index.


Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Well then. First I'll say you do me too much honor. I actually had not seen la Jetee, nor have I even seen 12 Monkeys (I know, blasphmer). When it came out, I was a hair too young for protective parents to let me go see it (a tender 13). Now that I'm grown, well, I just haven't had the chance. So, it was a nice treat to get to see la Jetee. Definately makes me want to watch 12 Monkeys now if that is the inspiraton. Oddly, I did get a bit of mojo about another time story from this. In partic: Somewhere in Time. Time Travel without Time Machines, I guess. An equally bitter ending, if executed in a different way.

on Apnee, good riddance! I hold no love for papparazi. That was a very enjoyable slow-motion loop through time. I especially liked how much they used reflections in the lense/sheen of the car.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Thanks, R.Fife. Now I'm glad I posted la Jetee. I thought about skipping it but I get too much of a kick out of watching it.

(The dirty secret of is that we built the place just to be our own database of "stuff we like". Don't tell the bosses.)
Richard Fife
3. R.Fife
I gladly indulge in your magpie nature. Bring me your shinies, I shall oogle them with you. In all honesty, for as much as I love speculative fiction and all that goes with it, I am hideously under-read/exposed. Heck, I have only read half of the original Dune series, and that I started shortly after this past DragonCon after meeting Kevin J Anderson. I haven't even gotten to his books yet, yowza. The joy of two boys in diapers and my own books I'm writing and a day job. No time.

As to the world of sci-fi/fantasy art, there is far too much out there that I have not seen. I have an impressive collection of Whelan and Parkinson sitting on my HDD from before they nazi'd down on their security (not that I blame them), but thus far, everything you have posted has been not just new, but amazingly new to my eyes. Keep it up! *wipes drool off his chin*
René Walling
4. cybernetic_nomad
Thanks for La jetée I'd only seen stills of it before.

What I enjoy the most about your posts are seeing things I'd heard of but never took the time to find and didn't come across at film festivals or conventions

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