Mar 12 2009 5:38pm

Read Wicked Lovely Online

For a limited time, you can read Melissa Marr’s first book, Wicked Lovely, on the Harper site. I wouldn’t call it a free e-book, since it doesn’t look like you can download it to hug and squeeze forever (or read on a dedicated device), but the site’s preview function has been set to 100%. So has the awesome. Wicked Lovely is a very engaging take on the classic, quasi-Celtic Summer Fae vs. Winter Fae conflict, and the ending in particular is clever and well-tied-up. I’ll definitely be re-reading it in preparation for Marr’s second book, Ink Exchange, which has been waiting patiently on my to-read shelf, and her next one, Fragile Eternity, which comes out April 21. I haven’t seen anything on how long the whole book is going to be available, though, so pipe up if you know and shake a tailfeather if you’re interested; it’s worth it.

Julia Linthicum
1. juliael
According to her journal, the Wicked Lovely freebie is up until April 6th.
2. nutmeag
I both liked and didn't like Wicked Lovely. I wasn't too crazy about the execution of the first 2/3 of it, but the ending was really pretty good. But I didn't care for Ink Exchange at all. Still, I know I'll read Fragile Eternity anyway. My weakness is faeries. :-D I do really like that Marr is putting it up for free for a time. That makes her cool in my book.
Pasi Kallinen
3. paxed
Ugh. Lousy execution for an "ebook". Well, at least they're trying.

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