Mar 25 2009 12:09pm

Pixar pencils

Pixar, Buzz Lightyear
It’s pretty much a truism that you can’t paint if you can’t draw—the drawing is the foundation of any painting. It seems the same is true for Pixar movies. Disney is showing off some character designs on Blue Sky Disney.

Unfortunately they didn’t credit the artists but I know the middle Lunar Larry-turned-Buzz Lightyear is from the awesome William Joyce.

Madeline Matz
1. mcmatz
Oh, I would have loved to see the William Joyce version in "Toy Story". He's retrolicious!
Missy S
2. Missy S
Awesome!! Danke! I love seeing this type of stuff.
Richard Fife
3. R.Fife
Nifty cool. I love seeing the middle-stages of pictures and concept art. Quite a bit of the watercolor-looking stuff reminds me of stuff done by Ian McConville over at
eric orchard
4. orchard
These are all tattoo worthy, I think. Mr. Joyce is a big hero of mine, his stuff for Robots is brilliant.

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