Mar 23 2009 1:56pm

Justin Gerard’s Battle of Five Armies

Justin Gerard, The Hobbit

Excuse me, but, wow!  (Big version here.)

Earlier we posted a quick interview with Justin Gerard about his Hobbit project. He’s finished it off with bang and has collected all the images onto one page.

eric orchard
1. orchard
Oh wow! I would buy a book just for this cover. There''s a lot in this image that is the reason I love high fantasy. Plus it's a beautiful image.
Richard Fife
2. R.Fife
I'd buy a coffee-table book just for that picture (and the rest in the gallery). Very nice.
Megan Messinger
3. thumbelinablues
Bjorn! And dwarf-noses! I love it. Now to go ogle the rest.
Agnes Kormendi
4. tapsi
Yes, it is absolutely awesome! As are the other pictures...
5. swmdilla
Wow! What an amazing visionary! I'm glad to see Bjon. All his works are great!
Tara Chang
7. tlchang
Wow. What wonderful stuff! And so nice that he has put them all together to view, with close-ups even, like that! The large battle scene is impressive!

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