Mar 29 2009 2:31pm

David Gibbons draws Rorschach

And I thought we were done with Watchmeny stuff. Here’s a cool demo from Dave Gibbons drawing Rorschach. It’s a preview for a demo included in the March edition of the sf/f art magazine Imagine FX.

Pablo Defendini
1. pablodefendini
Man, this is fantastic. I never would have thought that Gibbons was doing all his work on a Wacom tablet these days, since it looks so similar to his pencil-on-board work. I saw Jeph Jaques working on a Cintiq last week at Webcomics weekend, and he mentioned pretty much the same thing that Gibbons does here—that with the Cintiq, his on-screen style reverts perfectly back to his pencil-on-board style (something that doesn't quite happen with other, non-display Wacom tablets).
eric orchard
2. orchard
So surprised Gibbons is working on a Wacom! It really looks so close to his ink work. It makes a lot of sense for an artist like him to work this way, I think as I've always admired the precision of his artwork.

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