Mar 8 2009 4:19pm

CG Society Steampunk Myths & Legends winners announced

CGSociety Steampunk Myths and Legends
   CGSociety Steampunk Myths and Legends
CGSociety’s Steampunk Myths & Legends contest has come to a close and after months of watching sketches and works-in-progress, the winners have been announced. Check out both the video and still images—all the winning entries come with a “making of” and statements from the artist and animation teams.  Honestly, I didn’t mean to spend much time there while, ahem, “at work” but how, I ask, how can you pass up steampunk videos of “The Old Man ad the Sea,” or the “Seige of Syracuse” with skyboats? One can only hope that some of these vignettes are fleshed out into full short films some day.

Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Irene, you have just totally made my day, if not weekend. Totally makes up for having to leave my first attempt at watching Watchmen due to a silly call from work (during the opening fight, no less). And honestly, I have been resisting the urge to put a request for more steampunk veined material in your shoutbox for days.

Going to go kill my bandwidth watching these, opinions and comments to follow (in an editted post)

--And the edit!

I found I liked The Steampork alot more than I had expected I would. Was really well done and light. The Odysseus one was probably my favorite, although the seige of syracuse was rockin' too. What can I say, I like steam-greek. Emet and Atlantis - Inconvenient Truth, while well done, well, iunno, they just didn't super stick with me for some reason.

The robot with handlebar mustaches was so rocking in Ulysses's Dreams. The battle of bridge city kinda disappointed me. I love that flavor of steampunk, reminds me of an Anime I saw once and really wanted to watch, but then forgot its name. Lots of airships like that, only to fight they lowered a door and shot at eachother with muskets. Anyway, I think after all strong detail that the other entries had given to everything, the more epic grandious scale of that kinda took me for a loop. Hemlock rocked. Love twisty endings like that, and the mood and feel was great.

C'est tout de moi. Thanks again for sharing Irene.
Patrick Garson
2. patrickg
Oh wow some of these are truly astonishing. I don't know how you do it, Irene, selecting artists etc. for book covers when there is such an embarrassment of riches out there.

Actually, that's something I would _love_ to see a post about, something outlining the process of covers from an art director's view. We've had some from authors already, it would be great to see the other side!
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
I'll be on the lookout for more steampunk stuff. My favorite so far is JASPER MORELLO (It's a long one, though - about a half hour.)

This looks great too, but only the trailer is available on line:

Patrickg - It's funny, I was just telling other people we should write more process posts and yet I haven;t done so myself...I guess it's easy to take your own job for granted. I'll try to write up some posts along these lines.
Richard Fife
4. R.Fife
Very wow to Jasper. Well worth the length. It's always good to see something like that where the great concept is not so overbearing that they forget to put in a story. Monsieurcok looks good too. Shame, as you said, that it is only a trailer right now.

And I agree with Patrickg: I am interested to know what goes into choosing cover artists/cover art. I'll admit I fantasize about what the cover art for the manuscripts I have written might look like, despite the "nasty rumors" on the Intar-webs that authors don't know jack about what makes a good cover.
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
I saw a short live-action film not too long ago that was very steampunky. Something about a clockmaker's son working to make the perfect clock. I didn't post it because the acting was all a little over the top but it certainly _looked_ good. I'll try to re-find it an link it here.
Ian Tregillis
6. ITregillis
Wow. These are astonishing. I guess I know where my free time is going tonight...
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
here's the short I was talking about upstream. I didn't love it, but it certainly has a great steampunk look to it. More on the steam part, as there really isn;t much SF about it -- but cool gadgets.

The Watchmaker's Son

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