Feb 24 2009 1:51pm

Who Pacs the Pacmen?

They pac each other? Available here.

[Via BoingBoing Offworld.]

Phil Frederick
1. flosofl
Quid Pacio quam Pacmanioes?

(note: if not blatantly obvious, I know zero Latin)
Phil Frederick
2. flosofl

I meant:

Quis Paciet ipsos Pacmanes
Torie Atkinson
4. Torie
@ 1 & 2

The verb should go at the end.

Also, I'm not sure "pacmen" would really be third conjugation--they might be 2nd conjugation/male, as in "pacmanus, pacmani." And "paciet" seems too much like pax/pacis, peace, or worse, "pactus -a - um", to bargain or broker. But as long as we're making stuff up, that probably works.


Quis pacmanos ipsos paciet?

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