Feb 23 2009 11:51am


(Warning, not safe for work. )

Similo: A love story set in Antarctica in the future.
Only six minutes long but but the pacing and the imagery give this movie a haunting resonance.

(Via: Ticklebooth.)

Eric Braddock
1. EricBraddock
That, in a word, was beautiful. Quite a story told in just 6 minutes, impressive.
JS Bangs
2. jaspax
I like it.

But where do y'all work? There was some kissy-kissy, but not enough nudity to count as NSFW. Unless I missed something.
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Re-watching kinda reminds me of Gattica (one of my favorite scifi movies) -- not in message but in tone and pacing.

Jaspax: Well, it's certainly safe at Tor...but then we don't have many cubicles in the Flatiron building -- I could see that just the wrong/right few seconds of this could raise an eyebrow.
4. jonwoodward
Kind of reminded me of 'Solaris' (the Soderbergh version - haven't seen the orginal)in tone too.

Lovely little film. Wondered where it was going at first but then fell into place and the reveal wasn't heavy handed either - nice pacing. Powerful stuff with the guys vacant expression when she asked if he remembered her in the car at the end.
5. Nentuaby
Very interesting... Very ambiguous. Almost a mental writing prompt, inspiring tales about where this little vignette could be headed, or coming from.

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