Feb 7 2009 11:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Tes lacets sont des fees” and “Sebastian’s Voodoo”

Tes lacets sont des fees
Joann Sfar
Proving the best revenge is livin’ good. This Dionysos video is delightful...and it has boobies! Joann Sfar wrote and drew The Rabbi’s Cat. Charles Vess told me I should read it. He was right. You should read it too.

Sebastian’s Voodoo
Joaquin Baldwin
As dark as the above is delightful. One voodoo doll's courage.

Watch in larger and in high res here.

Watch more Saturday Morning Cartoons here.

will shetterly
1. willshetterly
If you can, fix the spoiler for Sebastian's Voodoo, please. I was lucky enough to see it without knowing the ending.

As usual, delightful picks! (I almost typoed that "pics", which works, too.)
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Thanks, Will. I just changed the line.
Glad you like 'em!
Kristina Carroll
3. Kristina
Thanks Irene- now I am obsessed with the band Dionysos. It seems the week for discovering amazing french music for me. :)

And oddly enough someone was just telling me about that voodoo short. I am so glad you posted it or I may have forgotten all about it.

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