Jan 7 2009 2:45pm

Watchmen kawaii!

I stumbled across these adorable and strange Watchmen manga via Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin.


While Rorshach is fairly androgynous, it looks like most of them have been bishoujo-ified into teenage girls. (Not sure if Ozymandias counts—he looks a bit bishie.) Is it a gender-bending RPG or cosplay design?  Intended for a fanfic? Standard fannish fare of translating the story into a more Japanese idiom? Something else entirely? Come on Japanese-speaking internet, fill me in!

Whatever the case may be, I think they’re just fabulous. Check out the whole bunch here.

Jason Ramboz
1. jramboz
Even though I spent a year in Japan, my command of Japanese is very limited. My understanding of written Japanese is even worse.

However, in my perfect world, the page would relay the following facts:

1) These are, in fact, cosplay designs.
2) The part of Dr. Manhattan will be played by a super-hot girl with a fantastic body.
3) Said cosplayer will be coming soon to a convention (or at very least an internet) near me.

But really, I have no idea, and I doubt any of the preceding are true. *sigh*
Ben R
2. sphericaltime
My understanding of Japanese is non-existent but it's often interesting to see how good Google's Japanese has gotten.

That page, translated into English.

Some bits of it are frighteningly comprehensible.
Eric Tolle
3. ErictheTolle
Turning the Comedienne picture into an icon is more tempting than I like to admit.

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