Jan 3 2009 11:00am

Saturday morning cartoons: “Tir Nan Og” and “Syrinx”

Tir Nan Og
Fursy Teyssier
Sad, as the title suggests, but sweet and lovely too.

Click here for high resolution version.

Ryan Larkin
Pan and Syrinx. A ballet in charcoal.

Ryan Larkin “Syrinx”
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Declan Ryan
1. decco999
"Tir Nan Og" seems to originate from a French site, so perhaps the title has relevance in a dialect from the region. However, I suggest the title might truly be "Tir na nOg", an Irish language mythical place translating to "Country of the Young" or more generally "Land of Youth".

That aside, a pleasant treat. I agree its meaning is probably not overly sad. It seems quite upbeat to me even if the child's loved-ones leave her in the end; a sweet ending, as introduction says. And a good sound track, as a bonus.

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