Jan 9 2009 12:36pm

Sam Weber’s Thirteen Orphans

Sam Weber just handed in one hell of a sketch for an upcoming story. That’s a secret for now, but it did remind me that he handed in four awesome drawings for his Spectrum award-winning art on Jane Linskold’s Thirteen Orphans.  And here they are:

.Sam Weber: 13 Orphans

Sam Weber: 13 OrphansSam Weber: Thirteen Orphans

The sketches for the sequel, Nine Gates, were even harder to choose from. I’ll show those sometime soon as well.

1. redehlert
Amazing. Thanks for sharing, Irene!
Great sketches and the final illustration is visual candy.
2. Cortney Skinner
Beautiful work...sketches and finish!
Agnes Kormendi
3. tapsi
Both the sketches and the final artwork are amazing!
Paolo Chikiamco
4. Pipe
Wow. I usually prefer really good art in sketch/pencil form but that final cover actually managed to be better than the pencil-only sketches. nice!

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