Jan 8 2009 4:23pm

NYCC programming schedule goes live, or: I’m in way over my head.

New York Comic Con (Feb. 6-8) has published its schedule of events on its site. Check out the full list of panels and talks here, and start planning your weekend. is holding a panel (moderated by yours truly—yeah, somebody was clearly off their meds when they approved this), focusing on online fiction and the changing role of traditional print publishers on the internet. More or less. Your mileage may vary. We may just end up talking about medieval siege engines or something.

Regardless, if you’re in town for the con, do drop by and say “hi.”

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Eric Braddock
1. EricBraddock
I see absolutely nothing wrong with talking about medieval siege engines. :)

I'll make sure I come by and hang out for a bit since I didn't get a chance to really talk when I visited Tor back in Oct. I'm sure you'll do a great job scheduling everything!

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