Jan 21 2009 5:22pm

Lost season 5 premieres tonight, or, Is it tonight yet?!

My anticipation for Lost is reaching ridiculous proportions. I’ve re-watched all of season 4 on DVD in a weekend, including the flash-forwards in chronological order. In fact, I re-watched “There’s No Place Like Home, Parts 1-3” again on ABC last week, complete with stupid pop-up facts that I already knew. But it was worth it to get a sneak peek of the fifth season premiere.

I try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but a few promo clips and early reviews here and there don’t bother me. Not when I’m this impatient. But I won’t spoil anything major here.

Okay, maybe one thing:

TV Guide thinks it’s very important that we know Sawyer is shirtless for the whole first hour of the two-hour premiere event. Forget the Orchid Station, forget Jin’s fate, Locke’s coffin, Ben’s mission. Josh Holloway. No shirt. There was some other info in the early review, but I couldn’t bring myself to read it in any depth. Back in the beginning of season 3, I had become pretty fed up with the show’s lack of direction (not Heroes-level fed-up, mind you). But around the time comic-writing genius Brian K. Vaughan  stepped into the writers’ room and a series end date was declared, Lost had a sense of purpose again. I think it started with the Desmond-centric “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” (Written by former Buffy writer Drew Goddard and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof.) As pretty as Sawyer is, I’m more of a Desmond fangirl. A time-traveling, hopelessly romantic ex-monk with a Scottish accent? Yes, please. Any episode that centers on his star-crossed love with Penny Widmore is pretty much guaranteed to make me teary-eyed. If you didn’t well up at the end of season 4’s “The Constant,” you have no soul. At the very least, I feel sympathy for your significant other.

I’m just as hooked on Lost now as I was back in season one.

Some other Lost links to visit during these last, maddening, hours:

ABC has a “Vote for Your Favorite Lost Moment” showdown going on, with the final result to be announced in early February. They have most of the biggest moments up there: “We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!” The harrowing yet unintentionally hilarious “WAAAAAAAAAALT!” cry from Michael. Locke’s wheelchair. But a few of my favorite moments are not eligible. Mr. Eko facing down the smoke monster. The death of TV reporter Tricia Tanaka. The hotness that is Sayid killing a man using only his legs.

Ajira Airways, a fictional airline that ties into the new season, somehow. Printing out a boarding pass and doing a bit of origami reveals an obscure Easter egg.

A cute Lost parody featuring the cast of both Lost and Heroes in action-figure form. Dude, I want a Hurley action figure. I’ve never seen such an obese action figure before.

Lost premieres TONIGHT at 9 .P.M. EST, following a one-hour recap special, on ABC.

1. Skandalouz
Hello there Lost fan! Don"t care about shirtless men or Sawyers :p, care about LOST. Hopefully it will live up my expectations.

"We re gonna need a bigger boat"
Jen Hill
2. greybon
Great post, Theresa! That's too funny how they focused on Sawyer w/o a shirt. Awesome. :P

I haven't been able to focus all day, which is why I've just resided in absorbing myself with busy work. I watch the clock. Is it time now? No? How 'bout now?

Seriously. I. Can't. Wait!

Theresa DeLucci
3. theresa_delucci
Sawyer's Southern bad boy schtick isn't my thing at all really, but I do appreciate the gratuitous use of a male model. Equal opportunity exploitation.

I really want to know what's up with Sun off the island. I'm very curious to see what kind of relationship Paik and Widmore have. And I have seen promo pictures of Sayid and Hurley together - I am anticipating a hilarious buddy misadventure of some kind. With luck.

Getting closer... I will probably even watch the cheesy recap episode, too. Perhaps I can make a drinking game out of how many times the narrator says the word "faith."
Jason Henninger
4. jasonhenninger
I agree about that episode with began to veer away from suckage with that one. It was the first time in I don't know how long where I thought, "Hey, maybe the writers actually do have a plan."

As for the shirtlessness...I think LOST is unusual in that it features way more male hotness than female. For me, anyhow, Kate is pretty but could use a Dharma Initiative brand Cheeseburger now and then. Mira Furlan I just can't picture without a bone around her head. Claire doesn't affect me much. Now, Yunjin Kim...hell yes. Nine kinds of fine. She's an exception. But even with her, the good looking guys outnumber.

A while back I interviewed Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. He was so far beyond beautiful it wasn't any kind of fair. After the interview I told my coworker, "That is the gayest I have ever felt. Wow." And then we just sorta sighed for a while.
Dave Thompson
5. DKT
I've been following Tor for a while but seeing the Lost love is what made me finally sign up for an account. Thanks, Theresa.

I'm so freaking excited for tonight it's not even funny. I'm really hoping we get some ghosts from the past in one form or another. A lot of people hate on Season 3 (some of it acceptable) but it had some HUGE highlights. Aside from Flashes Before Your Eyes there was The Man Behind the Curtain, The Brig, The Man From Talahasse, Greatest Hits, and that mind-blowing finale.

One thing I'm very curious about (aside from where the island is and how the Oceanic 6+ will get back to it) is whether or not Frank Lapidus will be back, and how Desmond will be drawn back. My crackpot theory is he'll be haunted by Charlie (please God) because he told him way back that Claire and Aaron would get on a helicopter. Which, of course, never happened. Oh, and definitely looking for the Sayid/Hurley routine.

Alright, I guess that's enough for now :)
JS Bangs
6. jaspax
Agreed with basically everything the author said here. And I don't want to see Sawyer topless. I want to see Sayid topless. @jasonhenninger: so right that the Lost men are generally prettier than the Lost women. Not that Kate and Claire are rough on the eyes, but their competition on the masculine side is formidable. YAY EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OBJECTIFICATION.
Jen Hill
7. greybon
Yay equal opportunity objectification indeed!

OMG, until I saw Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje mentioned up there by @jasonhenninger, I'd forgotten just how much I miss seeing Mr. Echo.

@theresa_delucci You know…when I first started watching the show, I couldn’t care less about all the eye candy. Locke and then Mr. Echo were why I watched. Sawyer annoyed me, but as a thief (and I always like watching the thiefy types in stories) and an avid reader, plus the silly teasing…he started to grow on me. And then I finally looked up and thought...hey, eye candy. Hah!

I really want to know what’s up with Sun too. And yeah, Desmond’s story is, of course, captivating. I can't wait to see ALL of them! :)

@DKT I agree that some of season 3 was great. The Man From Tallahassee. All I can say about that one is wow.
Theresa DeLucci
8. theresa_delucci
@DKT Welcome! Many Lost freaks around.

@greybon I miss Mr. Eko so much. Used to love him (and Michael Perrineau) on Oz. He had a great story and his flashbacks were some of my favorite.

@jaspax Yes, I admit, I've had a thing for Naveen Andrews since The English Patient. I thought saying I was caught up in Desmond's sweeping romance would sound slightly less fangirlish. But Sayid's fabulous hair, torturer past, and nondescript accent... are not to be commented on in a family blog. By me, anyway.

A few of us folk are getting ready to watch the premiere and have a roundtable discussion. Enjoy Lost, guys!
Jen Hill
9. greybon
@theresa_delucci's Naveen Andrews. Really, what else is there to day? :)
Dave Thompson
10. DKT
Had to postpone viewing until tonight. Hoo-boy, staying spoiler-free for a whole day is going to be tough!
11. fleeg
HELP! I missed the premiere! how can I see it?
Dave Thompson
12. DKT
Should be online for free at, I would think.
13. maximax
You can download and watch missing episode.
Lost season 5

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