Jan 8 2009 9:56am

Lord of the Bots, Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson, Bots of the Ring

Mattias Adolfsson, Bots of the RingThese Bot of the Ring drawings from Mattias Adolfsson are, in a word, adorable. Seen here: NazgulBot, LegoBot, and GandBot. Plenty more on his website, with promises of still more.

Kate Nepveu
1. katenepveu
Those are great. They remind me of the _Cyberiad_ illustrations.
John Klima
3. john_klima
Mattias did the illustrations for a chapbook I published of William Shunn's short stories, An Alternate History of the 21st Century. If you click on the cover it opens a PDF of the full wraparound art.

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