Jan 9 2009 10:31am


It’s been widely discussed in the geekosphere that President-Elect Obama is to be our first Geek-in-Chief—he confesses to being a collector of both Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics, and to being addicted to his Blackberry. Now, he’s even going to be appearing in a bonus story in Amazing Spider-Man No. 583 (available Jan. 14) [via Underwire]. You can see some early images on USA Today’s website.

That establishes his comic book geek cred, but what about good old fashioned SF? Take a look at these two images:


Coincidence? Look at that head-tilt. Look at those ears. Look at that expression. Instead of being our first Geek-in-Chief, will Obama be our first Giant-Robot-in-Chief?

I’m not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, having a Giant-Robot-in-Chief would be really, really cool (not to mention awesome for homeland security because, really, who would screw with him?). On the other hand, I don’t think he’d fit in the White House.

[Photoshopping by Jeremiah Tolbert.]

1. stereoroid
Or, what if he's a fan of the band Queen? Their 1977 album News Of The World had a "homage" to that painting on the cover:
2. RobotRevolution
May I be the first to welcome our new robot overlords!
4. Farah Mendlesohn
Truman was an sf reader. See H. Bruce Franklin's book, War Stars.
5. Pop-Monkey
Yeah, but does he dig zombie flicks?
Samantha Brandt
6. Talia
But is he a pusher or a shover? this is important.

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