Jan 27 2009 10:44am

Faux retro-cute novelization covers


Spacesick is “making something cool everyday.”  And cool includes these awesome unreal novelization covers.

(Via Drawn.)

P Bradley Robb
1. knownhuman
Those are great. Particularly the Highlander cover.
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
yeah...the Highlander is so simple and perfect.
Pablo Defendini
3. pablodefendini
They remind me of the classic Penguin covers of old.
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
a kind of Penguin-meets-ViewMaster aesthetic
Stephanie Leary
6. sleary
The Highlander one is perfect. Sixteen Candles is also great.
Jeff Doten
8. Venusian
As Andy say's " I don't like it."

Design covers rarely call out to me. Neither does wall paper.
Tara Chang
9. tlchang
Ha! The Highlander one made me laugh out loud.

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