Dec 13 2008 1:10pm

Weekend Getaway: Ideomancer

Ideomancer is an online speculative fiction magazine that was founded in 2002 and publishes about four issues a year. Ideomancer has published work by writers like Benjamin Rosenbaum, Tim Pratt, Rachel Swirsky, and others. There was an Ideomancer anthology published in 2002 via Fictionwise that featured the work of people such as Jeff VanderMeer, Mike Resnick, Tobias Buckell, Charles Coleman Finlay, and more.

Read the current issue here.

The work is fairly short, but still enjoyable. I’m curious what was in issues prior to 2006. Even a list of the table of contents from previous issues would be preferrable to nothing. Leah Bobet is taking over as the publisher with the next issue. I like Leah’s writing, so I'm curious to see what this will do, if anything, to the content of the magazine.

Joe Sherry
1. jsherry
I read the Swirsky (I'm always on the lookout for more Swirsky) and she left me wanting more, as she tends to.

I like Bobet's work, too, and I've been meaning (still) to read more from Ideomancer, so it's a good time.
Joshua Starr
2. JStarr
For an awesome story from Leah Bobet available online, try Bears. Short, funny, smart, new. It may have a very niche/targeted appeal, but if so, I'm part of that niche.
Leah Bobet
3. Leah Bobet
John -- thanks for the shoutout!

We have a site redesign planned for Ideomancer, and getting the full archives accessible again is on the list of priorities for that. Stay tuned. :)

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