Dec 8 2008 10:24am

Scalzi and Schafer: pretty good folk

John Scalzi and Subterranean press have teamed up to help out Vera Nazarian, a writer who needs help keeping her house, in light of health and other expenses. From

“Over at his blog, Whatever, John Scalzi has published the first look at a short story we commissioned by him, “The State of Super Villainy.” Head over to John’s site for all the particulars — you may need to scroll down a bit as he adds moer entries to the blog, but if you like the story, we hope you’ll consider donating to help out Vera Nazarian, the writer in need. If that’s not enough incentive, we’re matching the first $1000 in donations the short story generates.”

This is yet another reason why Bill Schafer and Subterranean rock (aside from their gorgeous editions). Pop on over to the Whatever and help out!

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Estara Swanberg
1. Estara
If anyone has some more money to spare, the plumbing on Vera's house is much worse than expected and the Scalzi collection is now over.

You can find more uptodate info on the LJ community, which has re-opened auctions or just donate straightaway
But at least we saved her house

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