Dec 3 2008 3:24pm

Same date, same time, different place: Holiday meetup in Montreal

As not everybody lives in New York, let’s hold a simultaneous holiday meetup in Montreal!

So continue to save Thursday December 18th from 18h00 onwards, but let’s meet up for drinks and delicious snacks in Les Gateries, 3443, rue St-Denis, Montreal, just around the corner from Sherbrooke metro. Come and join our conversations about Anticipation, the rapidly approaching Montreal Worldcon,  books,  publishing, editors, more books,  fandom, Canadian SF, world SF, Candas Jane Dorsay,  Tolkien, H.Beam Piper, American fantasy, books, writing, and what the heck the title of my book should be.1

We can also raise our glasses across the miles.2

1 Random sample of recent conversation between actual Montreal resident readers. Actual conversation may vary. Contents may settle in shipping. Fnord. Objects in mirror may be later than they appear.

2 You can't actually see New York from Montreal even with your glasses on. But it's a friendly thing to do.

Irene Gallo
1. Irene
We can bring laptops and iChat back and forth!

...ok, maybe not, but take pictures.
Pablo Defendini
2. pablodefendini
Well, that's what I was thinking, but doing just the one video chat feed via Skype or iChat... I'm not sure if Revival has a WiFi netowrk or not. Jo tells me that Les Gateries does, so it's on us.
René Walling
3. cybernetic_nomad
I'll be at Les Gâteries

I'll be sure to bring my laptop (and maybe by then I might even have the software installed for a videochat)
Liza .
4. aedifica
I wonder if anyone would want to organize a Minneapolis/St. Paul meetup--I think we have enough members around here. I'd offer to myself, but I have too much else to do right now.
Jo Walton
5. bluejo
Oh Aedifica, you really got my hopes up that you were going to come and hang out in Montreal! Oh well.
Liza .
6. aedifica
I think it'd be lots of fun, and I think it would be expensive to get there. :-)
Ben R
8. sphericaltime
I'd offer to hold one in the Santa Fe NM region if I thought people were interested.

cecil castellucci
9. cecil castellucci
Oh, oui. I think I can be there for a bit.
eric orchard
10. orchard
Uh man, do I ever feel far away from the rest of the world right now....
11. rogerothornhill
For once I wish I lived in Montreal rather than NYC. I would love to party with JW.

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