Dec 19 2008 6:59pm Holiday Meetup: We. Totally. Rock.

Just a quick shout-out to everybody for helping to make the first annual Holiday Meetup an unqualified success. Thanks so much to everyone who came out for drinks last night: it was really great to see all the new faces as well as the old friends, and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we all did! For those of you who require photographic evidence of what a swingin’ good time it was, you can check out Irene Gallo’s pictures here and Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s pics here...see? Fun! Thanks again, happy holidays, and remember to keep an eye on the Events Calendar for more happy-fun-time activities throughout the new year...

Jo Walton
1. bluejo
And we had fun in Montreal too, though with the network down in Gateries we couldn't contact you live online. But we did raise our glasses to all of you!
Samantha Brandt
2. Talia
I have the social skills of a turnip, apparently.

Maybe I'll be a little less cowardly next time. :p

Was nice meeting you all though.
Jeffrey Richard
3. neutronjockey
"We totally rock."

Yes, but did you have a flag?
Irene Gallo
4. Irene
Talia: It's science fiction! -- none of us have social skills that raise above the level of root vegetables and yet we seem to have fun together. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. And we did get two lines of song out of Patrick.

Megan wants a picnic in which I say, hurray. Neutron that should be enough time for you ride up with the horses, no? We can all camp out in Central Park...It'll all be very Hair-like.
Jeffrey Richard
5. neutronjockey
I'll need advance notice---it will take 56-60 days via horseback assuming no delays en route.
Marc Scheff
6. marcscheff
Yeah, I was really impressed. Everyone was really friendly and I got to put handshakes to previously virtual acquaintances. I even walked away with the new Slattery book. Bonus! Thanks!

PS - A picnic event sounds awesome. Count me in.
cecil c
7. cecil c
I represented with Jo up in the North Pole office of Tor. (ie. montreal)

Fun. And pins!

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