Dec 5 2008 1:48pm

Own a piece of Colonial history: Battlestar Galactica Auction Catalogue now live!

While season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica has yet to air ::shakes fist at the SciFi Network::, production has been a wrap for a while now. In the end, the production department has no use for the sets and props used during the series, so they’ve put it all up for auction. Now you can own your own resurrection tub—just in case. has posted the The Battlestar Galactica Auction Catalog, and it’s chock-full of pretty much everything used in the production of the series. Whole sets—including the battle-weary CIC, Adama’s quarters, and the pilots’ bunks are up for grabs, along with the full-scale production models for Vipers, Raptors and more.

Among the loot: Ship models to carry out your own stagings of battles; pretty much every uniform and major costume used, along with additional patches and insignias; blasters and helmets; stools from Joe’s Bar; Galactica’s famously hack-proof corded phones; Galactica’s Top Gun Mug; flight and ops manuals for Galactica and Pegasus, and all sorts of paper documents (including Starbuck and Adama’s personnel dossiers); plaques and chairs from the pilot ready room, Colonial One, the CIC and other sets; flags from the twelve colonies; all the artifacts from Roslin and Adama’s desks; and yes, even the $10,000 model ship that Edward James Olmos famously destroyed in a fit of improvised grief over Starbuck’s death (now going for considerably less)!

The auction takes place on January 17 and 18, 2009 at the Pasadena Convention Center, so clear out some debt from your (gold or black) credit cards and pony up some major money for some major BSG loot.

JS Bangs
1. jaspax
Oh, wow. Wow. I mean, I want to buy everything in that catalogue. Who will pitch in $80,000 to buy a Cylon Raider with me?
Megan Messinger
2. thumbelinablues
Page 52, " can make a potatoe sack look good." I mean, true, but d'oh.

Also? Want.
Pablo Defendini
3. pablodefendini
I will give away my firstborn child for Adama's desk.
Megan Messinger
4. thumbelinablues
It would be very good for team morale if you had Adama's desk in the office. Veeeery good. It's practically necessary.

Also, I love that that Kara's flight suit costs more than Lee's.
Pablo Defendini
5. pablodefendini
I dream of the day I can utter the phrase "Sometimes you've gotta roll a hard six" with impunity. With the Old Man's desk in my office, I think I could get away with it.

Hell, throw in House's cane, and I could couple 'Hard Six' with "Everybody lies." My life would be complete.
Megan Messinger
6. thumbelinablues
Sometimes you've gotta roll a hard six
I prefer the Crazy Ivan. :-P
Pablo Defendini
9. pablodefendini
Oh gods. That was amazing. Plus you reminded me to take some time out and check my webcomics for the day. It is Freakangel Friday, after all.

Ireney Berezniak
10. Ireney Berezniak
Wicked ... I hope TOR releases more tie-in novels ... why stop at 4?! >8)

Erika Nelson
11. Odessa_3

I noticed that price discrepancy, too. Deservedly so.

I can't decide what I want more, Kara's flight suit or or one of Roslin's power suits. Imagine wearing one of those to a job interview ... economic crisis be damned, how could they not hire you?

Fantasy purchases could easily exceed the amount of grad school debt I'm taking on ...
Ireney Berezniak
12. Jake Blues
How much for the woman?
J Sierra
13. jhsierra
wow, I am unsure of what to choose, mmm.
Ireney Berezniak
14. Natka
Did somebody suggest to add a walking cane yet?
Awesome collection, mmm...
Ireney Berezniak
15. mike morine
i would like to recieve 1 of your addres is 2702 59th st.c.w. bradenton,fl,34029.thank you for your tme,mike

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