Dec 15 2008 1:51pm

Dexter “Do You Take Dexter Morgan?” episode review

All good things must end.

Last week’s episode was more cathartic, with Dexter delivering some justice to crooked Assistant District Attorney Miguel Prado. Farewell, Jimmy Smits! The Dexter-Miguel friendship that turned into a vicious series of power plays was the clear highlight of the season. Loved seeing Miguel beg for his life, telling Dexter, “You were like my brother!” And Dexter replies by telling him that he killed his brother. And, moreover, he killed Miguel’s brother Oscar, too.

So the actual season finale is more like a quiet wrap-up, though not without some suspense. This week, the Skinner really did kidnap Dexter. Dexter’s vision of a father-son bonding moment with Harry was the first time his adoptive father’s appearance worked for me this season. Harry put the fight back into Dexter. Like the tree-trimming serial killer could be any match for Dexter! Especially a Dexter willing to break his own hand to get free, put down his captor, and make it to his damn wedding on time.

The last half hour of the finale was surprisingly touching. Deb finally, finally was made Detective Morgan! And she has the blessing of LaGuerta to continue seeing Anton. Clever mirror of LaGuerta’s friendship with the deceased Ellen Wolf as the two women bonded over cupcakes. More surprising is that is appears that Deb will have a boyfriend going into the new season. The cute musician didn't get murdered or leave her for his job. Again, Jennifer Carpenter really grew as a performer this year.

And then, of course, Dexter married Rita. She was a beautiful bride. I thought it was interesting that suddenly we, and Dexter, learned so late in the game that Rita has two ex-husbands, instead of one. But it was nice of Dexter to let Rita keep her secret, as he has so many himself. Everyone does. (Though, yeah, a murder habit is really not on the same level as a brief young marriage.) Loved Dexter’s first attempts at flowery wedding vows. “Sounds like I’m marrying a unicorn.” But his real vow was to simply be the best husband and father he can be. So, the third season ends as it began: life is good for America’s favorite serial killer.

But did anyone else think that single drop of blood on Rita’s wedding dress seemed slightly foreboding?

Michael C. Hall discusses the finale on Showtime’s official site.

Julie Benz also dishes about the third season, and her role in the new Punisher movie, at TV Guide.

And that’s a (plastic) wrap, people. See you in 2009!

Hannah X
1. h4nn4h
Another great season, although the first one still remains the best so far. I'm already looking forward to the next one!

The only thing that disappointed me a bit this season was that nothing happened (romantically) between LaGuerta en Ellen Wolf. I really thought they were working up to that, but that must have been just wishful thinking, because the next thing you know Ellen starts flirting with a waiter (oh no!) and three minutes later she's dead (oh NO!)...
Ross Smith
2. Ross Smith
I was caught by surprise when this turned out to be the final episode; I'd been expecting the traditional 13 episodes to a season (I'd forgotten that the first two seasons were also only 12 episodes).

One loose end was left untied, presumably to be picked up in season 4: Deb's unfinished search into her father's past.

The confrontation between Dexter and Ramon didn't go the way I (or Dexter) expected; that was an interesting twist. In the light of Ramon's describing himself as having cleaned up after Miguel in the past, I've seen speculation on the net that it might actually have been his hand that killed Ellen, at Miguel's order (I don't believe it myself ... I think).

An interesting symmetry for La Guerta: At the end of season 2, she was the only one (apart from Dexter) who believed (correctly) that Doakes was innocent. Now, at the end of season 3, she's the only one (apart from Dexter, again) who knows Miguel was guilty.
Mitch Wagner
3. MitchWagner
I'm hoping that little drop of blood is just some macabre whimsy, to be forgotten when the next season opens. Rita & the kids' ignorance of Dexter's hobby is essential to the show, if they find out, it would be a shark-jumping moment.

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