Dec 10 2008 4:17pm

Bento Box Art

I stumbled across these amazing art boxes through Gizmodo. AnnaTheRed makes these homemade bento boxes for her boyfriend (talk about one lucky guy!) and posts the process and photos online. The boxes are what’s called Kyaraben, or character bento. Each box takes about five hours to make. Here is Wall*E, made from an omelette. I love the egg Eve, and the tilt of his sad little eyes. The cubes are hamburger cubes, and his rollers are strips of seaweed.

But Wall*E is just the beginning. Take a look at this Yoshi & Pikachu bento, inspired by Super Smash Bros. She even included instructions for how to make your own Yoshi! That’s a bit intimidating of a task, but the Mario mushrooms seem much more manageable.

Spirited Away

Katamari Damacy

My Neighbor Totoro (two versions)

There are so many more of these over at her boyfriend’s Flickr gallery. A warning, though: you will spend hours poring over these gorgeous edible creations.

Jason Henninger
1. jasonhenninger
That is the coolest thing ever. I'd be all over the Katamari curry!
Jordan Hamessley
2. Jordache
That was the best 5 minutes of my day! The Flickr gallery is totally worth checking out.
3. Matadecoco
OMG the Totoro ones are to die for!
Jen Hill
4. greybon
Wow, indeed! I adore those Totoro ones too. :)
Jeff Shreve
5. flotsamjeffsam
Holy crap. How could anyone eat these?

Also, I believe the Wall-E box is missing a delectable cockroach.
Dot Lin
7. fangirl
torie, they're playing totoro at the landmark sunshine at midnight this weekend..

and it's about time for bento boxes to take america by storm! esp. in this economy..
8. quilombo
9. Cassandra R.
Very beautiful and creative! I love them!

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