Nov 6 2008 12:03pm

The Zombified Zombies of Zombie Fest

On October 25-26, I was in Monroeville, PA for Zombie Fest 2008, the convention where lovers of all things zombie gather annually to celebrate—and dress themselves as—the undead. The event was held, appropriately enough, in the Monroeville Mall, the site where George A. Romero’s landmark film Dawn of the Dead was filmed.

Zombie Fest’s annual “Zombie Walk” was the main event of the weekend—a massive gathering of people dressed as zombies who shamble together through a part of town, or in this case through the mall. If you’d like to read about the event in more detail, check out the story I wrote for SCI FI Wire. But if you just want to see all the awesome zombies—including several shots of the Zombie Walk in progress—check out this Flickr slideshow.



(If you want to view the slideshow fullscreen, click the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the slideshow.)

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Dot Lin
1. fangirl
can you please come to our office dressed like that, it will scare the interns. YES.

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