Nov 17 2008 10:20am

You Do, I Watch: Remote Fandom

Scoping It OutI have a separate blog for my World of Warcraft-related rambling thoughts and lots and lots of screenshots. Mostly I write it to trade info and share niftiness with fellow WoW players, like friends on other servers. But I also know that I have some readers who don’t play WoW and don’t even necessarily want to play WoW, but who like the artwork and stories that come out of people like me burbling on. Comics-and-horror blogger Sean Collins (immensely good-natured, tremendously thoughtful; go read) often has interesting comments about that, recently comparing it to a new TV series for him to follow. Some other comics bloggers have mentioned treating it similarly.

I got to thinking, and realized that I’m that way with superhero comics. I bought, hmm, pause to look at shelves, just one trade paperback this year, and one or two last year, and so on back. I haven’t the foggiest idea who half or more of the characters are in many DC and Marvel lineups. And yet I continue read reviews of new series and big events, and I still think of myself as a comics-reading sort of person even though I’m really not. Partly I’m a fan of the fandom—since there are some really outstanding comics bloggers—and partly I’m just feeding the nostalgia beast with enough fresh fodder to keep up the daydreaming and all.

Discussion time! What are you an avid spectator of, without being much (or at all) involved yourself?

[Photo taken from the Library of Congress collection at Flickr; it’s in the public domain.]

Martin Wisse
1. Martin_Wisse
I'm the same as you: I read a lot of comics blogs despite buying few if any comics. The only real series I follow being Paul Cornell's brilliant Captain Britain remake.
Stephen W
2. Xelgaex
I spectate WoW and comics as well. I buy a few TPB's but the whole idea of starting a collection is daunting for someone with completist tendencies like myself.

Moving to things Bruce didn't mention, I also am a spectator of cosplay, steampunk, and DIY computing.
Bruce Baugh
3. BruceB
Oh, yeah, cosplay is a big one for me. I loved my LARPing days, but health makes crowds and travel and lots of things iffy...but I love to see what people are up to.
Robert Hutchinson
4. Robert Hutchinson
I've got most of you beat: I was keeping up with comics fandom for quite a while despite buying *no* comics. I was basically drawn in by a couple of very interesting bloggers.

I had to stop when I realized that just keeping up with my core interests was already eating up too much of my time.
Heather Massey
5. sfrgalaxy
Cosplay. I'll never do it, but I love seeing how elaborate (or kooky) the costumes get. I really enjoy being around cosplay participants and just staring at them. Very festive stuff.
Jordan Bell
6. jordanroberts
I spectate geekiness of most flavours (especially computer-related). Personally I'm a dabbler in geekiness - I read scifi, I have done a very small amount of table-top gaming, don't really play computer games but know of all the big-name games, have marginally above-average computer skills, read a few web comics, am doing a PhD - basically provide myself with just enough context to get 80% of the jokes. A further 10% I understand are funny, but can't really tell why, and the last 10% I just have to resign myself to not being "deep-geek" enough to ever get.
I also seek out geek friends wherever possible - I find I get much better conversations that way.
Robert Hutchinson
7. Kibrika
At first I thought that for me it's most things but reading some comments I realised that it's not so bad and I do some of the stuff I watch.
For me it's videogames. My boyfriend plays some, so I get to see some without playing and I love game reviews and gaming comics.

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