Nov 16 2008 5:11pm

We Are Wizards, Harry Potter fandom documentry

We are Wizards

Did you guys know this was happening? I just found out about it a second ago and now I'm really excited to see it.

Next to short animation, documentaries are my favorite movies. (Unfortunately I don't think “Documentary Fridays” would be as easy a sell to my overlords.)

For the few minutes shown here, it looks like a well done and sincere look at the inspiration, creativity, and humor of fandom.

will shetterly
1. willshetterly
Pitch "Documentary Fridays"! I think it could be swell.
Tara Chang
2. tlchang
Sure! Isn't The Documentary one of the bastions of geekdom?

One of my good friends is an avid fan of Harry and the Potters. Owns the T-shirt. Sees them perform every time they come to Seattle. I think she's toyed with the idea of following them on the road as a groupie. :-)
Sean Sakamoto
3. ssakamoto
If you like nerds, and documentaries, then you might like the documentaries about nerds that I've made. They're here.

I made one about a cosplay cafe in tokyo, a guy in New York who makes vacuum tube amplifiers, a comic book illustrator, and more. I would love to show one of them on a documentary Friday.
Declan Ryan
4. decco999
It must be said that comments posted on "Saturday Morning Cartoons" are becoming fewer and fewer as the weeks move on. Why not give "Friday Documentaries" a try and see how interest fares.
will shetterly
5. willshetterly
Noting that comments aren't the only measure of a feature's success. When something hits a consistent level of quality, there's little need to leave comments. This really shouldn't be an either cartoons or documentaries scenario.
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
Yeah, it's tough to quantify the success of the animated shorts. As Will states, comments are one barometer but not the only one. We can't even really use a hit count since the films are "above the fold" and don't count as hits unless someone clicks on the permalink.

Given that, I'm declaring them _wildly_ successful by the fact that' I love finding and posting them. ;-)

As far as documentaries go...I _do_ love them, but most of them would be too far off topic, even considering our broad "and related subjects" directive. (Which I do plan to stretch with one or two of the animated films.) But some favorites, grossly simplified:

My Architect – being the the son of Louis Kahn
Murderball - quadriplegic rugby
Trembling Before G-d - being gay in the Hasidic community
Grizzly Man - "amateur naturalist, wildlife advocate and troubled loner"
Devils Playground - Amish teenager's "time of decision"
Hell House - born-again Christian Haunted Houses
Dogtown - birth of modern skateboarding

And, of course, I've been in love with Ira Glass since since he was the host of Talk of the Nation


SF/F docs?...

Phandom Menace and Trekies are all that come to mind at the moment.
David Lev
7. davidlev
Two nerd documentaries that I saw recently that are AWESOME

King of Kong--about competitive old-school video gaming (specifically the first Donkey Kong game)

Darkon--about a LARPing community in the Baltimore area

Watch em, you know you want to
Sean Sakamoto
8. ssakamoto
+1 on the Darkon and the King of Kong. Both GREAT nerd docs.

Kevin Kelly has a GREAT blog about documentaries called True Films

One of his most recent recommendations is The Machine That Changed the World a five-part series about the history of the computer. I haven't seen it, so I can't recommend it. But if it's on Kevin's blog, then it's probably great.
Irene Gallo
9. Irene
David: I handt heard of Darkon Thanks for the tip.

Ssakamoto: True Films looks fantastic. I'll be spending a lot of time there. Thanks!

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