Nov 3 2008 3:36pm

Jeph Loeb fired from Heroes!

Variety is reporting that Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, co-executive producers and writers for Heroes were fired over NBC executive’s frustration with the creative direction of the show. It’s been a widely-panned third season for what was once one of NBC’s bigger series. Loeb was the only writer left on the show with any background in comics (aside from Tim Kring’s clear obsession with Chris Claremont’s work on X-Men). Combine this news with a $4 million per episode price tag that’s already over-budget, and one has to wonder if Heroes will even have a fourth season to inspire massive amounts of fanboy ire.

Perhaps this move will inspire the show to hire fresh writers for the next volume. But will anyone even be around to watch it? I’ve had a ton of friends give up on Heroes this season. I’d have given up on it, too, were it not for the fact that I seem to be the only blogger who seems to at least not want every single character on the show to suffer a horrible, painful death. There is no new episode of Heroes on tonight, but feel free to bitch away in the comments.

Fred Coppersmith
1. FCoppersmith
I gave up on the show a couple of weeks ago and haven't regretted the decision once.
Arachne Jericho
2. arachnejericho
I gave up after episode 3. Also haven't regretted the decision since. There's too much stuff out there I'm interested in to waste it on a show that, well, has wasted away.

Time to visit io9 to watch the spasmation!
ennead ennead
3. ennead
I haven't given up and I regret this lack of decision with every new episode.
Jennifer L. Meyer
4. JLMeyer
Oh my.
That does seem to bode badly for the show.
(I would guess the higher ups werent impressed with future eposides then...?)

I just end up annoyed at their lack of forethought and creativity. (example, I feel a good ues of time travel requires a well thought out story)
I have liked it enough to keep watching. I still dont think its as nice as season 1.
Lenny Bailes
5. Lenny Bailes
FWIW, you can get a rough idea of what hard core fans think about Jeph Loeb's comic book writing at:
Arachne Jericho
6. arachnejericho
This may be much ado about nothing, but on Amazon Video Downloads (yes, there's where I watch mai TV) the rating for Heroes has sunk from a feeble 3 stars during season 2 and the start of season 3 and has sunk down to 2.5 stars, on its way down to 2.

So, yeah. Not a good sign.

Personally I have discovered this thing called The West Wing, and it has seven full seasons, so I figure that'll tide me over until Heroes either gets back on its feet or disintegrates.
Lenny Bailes
7. jdecker
I know how awful it's been doing, but I don't think I'll ever stop watching it. I want too much for it to pick up and get good again (tears for season 1).

I think it will though. It's shown some promise lately, getting the random storylines closer together and whatnot. And the whole Claire and Elle thing. That was hot.

This show is one of a kind and I think that's why it receives so much flak for not being up to snuff. There are tons of other TV shows that go off the deep end all the time, but most of the time they're ignored or left to wallow.
Kevin Maroney
8. womzilla
One of the reasons I was resistant to start watching Heroes was that, well, Jeph Loeb was involved. I don't buy his comics--I think they're claptrap--so why should I watch his TV show?

I realize this is hardly a universal sentiment in the superhero-reading world. None the less, it is mine and it hasn't guided me too wrongly yet.
Lenny Bailes
9. JLMeyer
Heres a webpage that has Kring's response to the writer situation, along with spoilers from upcoming eposides.

Breif snip about Kring:
"Now, the thinking is that his focus is needed most in breaking stories and refining the tone of the show for the remainder of its third season."

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