Nov 17 2008 5:44pm

Dexter The Damage a Man Can Do episode review

Last night, Dexter created a monster. And it was awesome.

I had a feeling there was something dark beneath Miguel’s firm desire for justice. For him, putting down criminals is not about helping the victims or society at large—it’s about Miguel having power, control, and of course being recognized for deeds that seems altruistic on the surface. The dramatic soliloquy he gave his first victim before killing him under Dexter’s watch sounded almost too rehearsed. Miguel is even more dangerous than Dexter because Dex is not operating under the illusion that he’s better than the people he kills. Dexter knows he’s just as bad, but he struggles to be good. Miguel already thinks he is good. Poor Ellen Wolf. What an ending!

I really have little to say about tonight’s episode aside from the thought that Jimmy Smits may have another Emmy nod in his future for a fantastic performance. The actress that portrays Deb also gave an unusually strong turn tonight as her hunt for the Skinner got personal when Anton, the informant, went missing, and, finally... Dexter’s back! At last! Finally an episode that makes me impatient for next week.

However, there is other Dexter-related news—sadly, a disturbing bit of non-fiction. In Edmonton, Canada, a man has been charged with murder in a killing that authorities believe was inspired by the Showtime series. Proof that television never really needs to create more monsters when there are already so many damaged people in reality? Executive producer Melissa Rosenberg reacts here.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9 P.M. EST on Showtime.

Ross Smith
1. Ross Smith
I don't think Miguel is going to be satisfied for long with doing good in secret. His ego won't sit still for that. He's going to want to find a way to let somebody know what he's doing.

Also, despite this weeks events, my money's still on Anton as the Skinner. (Or possibly Anton and Quinn working together -- remember Masuka's claim that there were two Skinners?)
fred campbell
2. fred00
Excellent episode.
I think we found out what the DA's crack was last night. The episode brought to mind a line from the Train Job, which I hope Dexter says before he does the deed. "Time someone put you down mad dog."

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