Nov 20 2008 10:48am

Coraline trailer

Strangely I haven’t been keeping up with the Coraline movie. Strange because I love the book and I love stop-motion animation—you’d think I’d be all over it. Perhaps I’m afraid they’ll screw it up. (Love Nightmare. James the Giant Peach... I tried to like it. I really did try.) When I started watching this trailer I began to get a little cranky that it wasn’t dark and McKean-y enough but somewhere around 0:43ss they had me sold. Completely.

Update: Check out the total jealousy inducing press swag. (via Drawn, who also have secret passwords to behind-the-scene clips.)

Mary Robinette Kowal
1. MaryRobinette
I've been waiting for this impatiently 'cause I've got a couple of friends who are animators on it. The fellow who did the dog scene has been such a tease, talking about his toys. So unfair. But looking at the trailer, I feel like my envy is entirely justifiable. That looks really, really hot.
Melissa Ann Singer
2. masinger
From the poster alone, by 12-yo wants to see this, having already read the book. She will *squee* when she sees the trailer!
Jennifer L. Meyer
3. JLMeyer
This looks fantastic. Thanks for posting.

I like how the slighty off and mild dark opening sequence is a great set up for the more twisted stuff that follows.

I also like thier take on the button eyes, that concept could have been truely disturbing and disgusting. They did it in a lovely twisted way.

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