Oct 29 2008 11:36am

Will the world ever tire of cute retro robots?

Perhaps...but thankfully, not today.

I love all of Goro Fujita’s work, but these robotic speed-paintings are enough to melt anyone’s tin heart. So free and unlabored—a pure delight.

Goro Fujita

For those that like their metalized kin to have more dimension, check out the assembeled works of LockWasher (via Fanboy).


Jamie Grove
1. jamiegrove
Something amiss with the Fujita link above. I think you meant to hit this page:

I love retro robots and Goro's work is top notch!
Christine Evelyn Squires
2. ces
Now, THAT is a robot! And the landscape ain't too shabby either!
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Shoot! Thanks for the heads-up, Jamie. Fixed now...I hope.
Jamie Grove
4. jamiegrove
All is well. :) Goro goodness for all to see!

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